NO CHILL IN SA: Ricky Rick gets teenager dumped by his girlfriend (WATCH VIDEO)


A couple of weeks back, a video surfaced on social media in which rapper Riky Rick humiliated a school kid for wearing fake designer shoes.

Well, the video went viral and it did more than just humiliate the teenage high school kid. Seventeen-year-old Mbulelo Mtselu told a local publication that he thinks Riky wanted to humiliate him.

"He was trying to be savage. If he wasn't trying to be savage he could've pulled me to the side and told me, ‘This is not how you do it, here's cash or here are some Vans,' then walk away. Done. He did it for more faves or more views or whatever. I hate being around people now. Every corner I turn people recognize me and start laughing," Mtselu said.

Not only does he now stay home most times but the video cost him his girlfriend who couldn't bear being asked about her boyfriend's ‘fake Balenciagas'. His girlfriend of almost a year dumped him.

"We'd been going through some stuff, and this just added pressure on her. She got tired of everyone asking her questions about whether they're fake or real. She was just sick of the situation," he explained.

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