Tired woman ditches lover for demanding sex everyday, flees home after he entered her room through window


A man from Insuza area in Matabeleland North was dumped by his lover over his excessive sexual desire which saw him demanding sex everyday.

Mqabukho Sibanda (38) from Village 2A was deserted by his lover who sensationally accused him of wanting to kill her with too much sex.

The 36-year-old woman who also claimed experienced problems with her womb as a result of Sibanda’s frequent sex romps started locking herself in her bedroom each time Sibanda came to her place.

Sibanda who apparently can’t live without sex, forcibly gained access to his estranged lover’s “secured” bedroom through the window before he forced himself on her.

He did it for a number of days until she decided to seek refuge at the headman’s homestead for a month.

When she returned to her employer’s place where she was staying alone, Sibanda came and using the same modus operandi gained access into her bedroom to sexually abuse her.

Fed up with her ex-lover’s forced sex romps, the woman reported him to the police leading to his arrest.

For the offence Sibanda appeared in court charged with rape and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment of which three years were suspended for five years on condition that he is not convicted of a similar offence within that period.

Sibanda who pleaded not guilty but was convicted and sentenced has since appealed against the sentence saying he was “unhappy” with the conviction while adding that there were several factors that were overlooked during trial that could have seen him being acquitted.

Meanwhile, the script of Sibanda’s excessive love for sex, which also led to him being a guest at Khami Prison for the next seven years read as follows:

Sometime in January 2016, the complainant secured employment as a caretaker at a homestead in Village 2A before Sibanda proposed love to her and she agreed.

It was proved that from February to early December that same year, the two would occasionally engage in unprotected sex.

It is reported that towards the end of December, Sibanda started demanding sex on a daily basis until the victim complained that she was now experiencing problems with her womb.

The complainant pleaded with Sibanda to give her rest but the latter would have none of it and told her off that she was his lover and should not deny him sex.

The seemingly fed up complainant then told the accused that she was now terminating the relationship as she could no longer endure the pain of having sex everyday.

In a desperate bid to stop Sibanda from abusing her she started locking herself inside her bedroom each time the accused came to her workplace.

Sibanda would then force himself into the complainant’s bedroom through the window and would have sex with her without her consent.

It was further proved that sometime in September last year; the complainant went to the village head Giye Ndlovu and told him about the abuse.

The village head then summoned the accused’s relatives so as to solve the issue but they refused to come to the meeting.

The village head in a bid to stop Sibanda’s shenanigans offered the complainant overnight accommodation at his homestead for a month.

Shockingly, when she went back to her employer’s homestead, the accused started coming back again during the night to sexually abuse her.

Failing to withstand the abuse, the complainant alerted her neighbour who advised her to report the matter to the police.

Sibanda who was reportedly on the run was arrested on the night of 17 January this year while inside the complainant’s bedroom where he had come to forcibly have sex with her.

— BMetro

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