Here are the Zanu PF conference resolutions … Party to start preparations for 2023 elections immediately


THE Zanu-PF 17th Annual National Peoples Conference which ended at Esigodini yesterday came up with a number of resolutions among them that President Mnangagwa is the sole party’s candidate for the 2023 elections and that the revolutionary party has zero tolerance to corruption.

Reading the consolidated resolutions at the end of the conference, Politburo member, Advocate Jacob Mudenda said the party was behind President Mnangagwa.

“All wings reaffirm that the President and First Secretary of the party, Cde Mnangagwa be the sole candidate for the 2023 harmonised elections. All structures will start preparations for the 2023 harmonised elections immediately,” said Adv Mudenda.

He said the nation was not going to tolerate any form of corruption or divisive elements.

“The party and Government adopt zero tolerance to corruption in the public and private sector. The party upholds the spirit of unity by putting in place deterrent penalties for perpetrators of factionalism, tribalism, regionalism and similar vices that seek to advance the individual’s interests at the expense of the unity of the party,” said Adv Mudenda.

The party also noted that its supremacy over Government should be effectively practised whereby it directs Government policies and programmes at central and provincial levels in the context of devolution.

Adv Mudenda also said the party should have completed its restructuring by 2019 from cell up to provincial organs and that prior to the restructuring exercise the issuance of electronic party cards should have been decentralised to provinces.

The party also reaffirmed its position on the involvement of the youth in its activities through attractive packages for the youth.

“The party must also create innovative and relevant mobilisation strategies to attract the youth to join the Youth League as well as to encourage young organisations including professionals and other interest groups to affiliate with Zanu-PF and the youth wing,” said Adv Mudenda.

The National Youth Programme would also be re-launched in the first quarter of 2019.

Party members were also told to be knowledgeable about the provisions for the party Constitution and adhere to them. It was resolved that the Legal Affairs Department translates the party’s Constitution to all indigenous languages and that all party members be taught the Zanu-PF Constitution.

In terms of official party communication, the spokesperson of the party is the one mandated to speak on behalf of the party.

“All communication protocol and channels be strictly adhered to by all party members and that the spokesperson of the party always be the Secretary for Information and Publicity. The Secretary must create a unit to propagate the party’s propaganda through all social media platforms,” read Adv Mudenda.

The conference also resolved that the existing party investments be audited in order to find out their viability and their contribution to the party coffers.

The party will also vigorously pursue additional investment opportunities to expand and diversify its revenue streams.

Adv Mudenda announced that the National Constitution be amended to extend the term of parliamentary women’s quota until a considerable level of empowerment has been reached.

There was also a resolution to hold the People’s Conference before the rainy season and budget presentation in Parliament in order to allow the party to have some input into the budget process.

Under the food security cluster, the Government was urged to modernise all existing irrigation infrastructure and develop new ones in order to utilise all water bodies existing to increase agricultural activities in the country.

The criteria of Command Livestock beneficiaries would be revised as it is said to segregate the underprivileged.

Adv Mudenda added that agricultural inputs were to reach beneficiaries timeously and that vulnerable communities benefit.

The Government pledged to implement the recommendations of the Land Commission on Land Tenure farm size and illegal occupation and allocation of land in forest estates particularly.

The Government was also urged to monitor the implementation of Vision 2030 and create an enabling environment including the ease of doing business for the development of the country.

Delegates agreed that the Government must review the tax system which is said to be punitive and that banks give meaningful interest on deposits accounts and avoid astronomical bank charges.

The Government was also tasked to intervene on the three-tier pricing system and decisively deal with economic malpractices being witnessed by coming up with thorough investigations and prosecution of perpetrators.

On the issue of social services, the Government was implored to have a special plan for students with disabilities and to stop the increase of tuition fees for tertiary institutions.

The revival of the National Railways of Zimbabwe and the airport was also noted to be of great importance to infrastructure development.

The Government was further urged to continue engaging and re-engaging the private sector, civil society and international financial institutions and the international community at large.

The party resolves to continue recognising war veterans and to set up war museums and construct other monuments as well as improve the welfare of the former freedom fighters. It was resolved that those that did not get land should benefit.

The Zanu-PF Constitution would be aligned to the national Constitution to allow 50-50 representation in party positions by 2030.

— SundayNews

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