LATEST: 5 bloodsucking satanists on mission to cause accidents along Harare road exposed


Five women left travellers shellshocked after they confessed to being blood suckers that cause accidents.

This was after Madzibaba Mutumwa picked five women who were standing in a group along Harare road. While pointing his finger at them, he revealed they were on a mission to cause accidents.

Madzibaba Mutumwa

As a result the women in question fell on the ground one after the other, confessing that indeed they were satanists.

“We survive on blood. We have been assigned to cause an accident at this place thereafter we will drink the blood to gain powers,”said Ropafadzo Moyo.

Another woman Patricia Sibanda gave a chilling account of how they drink blood from accident victims.

“We drink blood from accident victims. We can’t drink from the arteries, no one is allowed that. We implant fangs in the teeth which we pull out after we are done,” she said. She went a gear up in revealing how they gain powers to cause accidents.

“At times we are paired and instructed to sleep on the graves of the recently buried. From that we gain powers,” she said.

In a trance like mood another woman confessed that they had caused many accidents in the country.

“Madzibaba I fear you! Don’t burn me, I beg you. Let me tell you the truth. We survive on accidents and we have mysteriously caused many accidents in the country and we wanted to cause one today,” she said.

Since Madzibaba Mutumwa began his crusade in Bulawayo he declared war on satanists.

“I have plans to travel all over the country to expose satanists and disempower them of such powers that aid them in causing accidents,” he said.


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