Man sells baboon meat as ‘super grade beef’ … Drama as villagers demand to be sold the head


A MAN who took the whole village for a ride selling baboon meat pretending it was beef almost turned blind during his con act.

Honest Siziba almost turned blind when he was sorting out the baboon head meat (inhloko). This happened after villagers had sampled his “super grade beef” demanded to be sold it’s head.

Under pressure, he tried to sort the meat out but smoke affected his eyes and he was rushed to hospital.

At the hospital he was left with no choice, but to tell the truth that he was affected by smoke from the baboon’s head.

One of the villagers who bought the alleged beef Mgcini Ndlovu said they initially bought it because it was cheap.

“Sometime last week we were at the shops drinking beer when Ndlovu came with a bucket full of meat saying his uncle had slaughtered a cow and had asked him to sell it.

“It was very cheap, going for $2 a pack and many people bought it. After two days we heard it was finished then we approached him intending to buy the cow head meat (inhloko).”

It is reported that Ndlovu promised to give them freely saying he was grateful for the way villagers had supported his business.

“It seems it was a way of covering up so no one discovers that he had not sold us beef. During the process of sorting out the head meat, he got choked by the smoke.

“It affected his eyes and he also started complaining of chest pains. The following day his condition deteriorated and that is when he was rushed to hospital.

“At the hospital he explained what transpired and the people who had accompanied him were shocked,” said Ndlovu.

When villagers got to know that they had been sold baboon meat they were really angry and they wanted Siziba to pay for his sins.

After being treated and discharged, he never returned to the village because there were people baying for his blood.

Efforts to get a comment from Siziba were fruitless as his phone was not reachable.

— BMetro

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