Name and age of man who was beheaded in brutal murder revealed, NEW shocking details emerge


The man who was beheaded in a brutal murder that has been the talk of town and social media for the past six days has been identified as 40-year-old David Arendi, who is of Malawian origin.

A close family member has warned that Arendi’s spirit will fight and never rest until the murderers are brought to book and the accident that led to the discovery of his head was not a coincidence.

“His sister identified his body at Harare Hospital and stated to him that she will not bury him like that. She ordered him to find his head first and in a matter of minutes, they got a call saying a head had been found and taken to Harare Central Police station.

“Now they have asked Arendi to fight his battle against EVERYONE involved in his murder. And it will happen. These people thought they had murdered a homeless person but that was not the case with David,” said the close relative.

He said David used to stay in Kuwadzana with his sister but was in the habit of going away unannounced for months before coming back home.

“He left in April this year and people were used to his habits. It’s not like people were looking for him. Not until yesterday (Saturday) when the sister’s husband got a call from a police constable that he knew. The policeman said he had a docket of a headless body of a man that had only been verbally identified as Diva. The policeman said he knew David and homeless people that had identified the body only knew him by his first name and that he had relatives in Kuwadzana,” said the reliable source.

David’s sister immediately accompanied her husband to Mbare Matapi Police Station where they got authority to view the boy at Harare Hospital.

“They immediately realized the headless corpse was David and the sister asked him to find his head.

“After getting the call about the head that was found in the Funcargo, the couple went to Central but were told the head was on its way to Harare Hospital. However, they were shown close up pictures of David’s head and positively identified him,” said the source.

David’s body was found in a disused council toilet in Lyton by one of his friends who used to pick up bottles with the late for resale.

However, the source said they were surprised to note that both David’s head and his body were different from the usual David.

“His body had ‘new’ clothes that even the people that had seen him last and have been with him over the last three months had never seen. Up to now no one can explain that.

“A guard that works close to the disused toilet said he saw a commuter omnibus parked by that toilet on Thursday for a very long time but never suspect something could be amiss at an obsolete toilet like that. It was also strange to note that there was not too much blood in that toilet, suggesting the murder and beheading could have happened elsewhere.

“The second strange thing was the state of David’s head. It was neater than usual and clean-shaven, with a nice haircut and well-oiled face. The murderers obviously wanted to present a neat head and better version of David.

“He also had a scar on his forehead, which might be how they killed him,” he said.

David’s body is awaiting postmortem and the funeral is in Zengeza 1 at the deceased’s mother’s house. His finger prints have been taken to match his identification since he had no particulars when he was murdered.

The deceased’s family does not know what motive the murderers had and they understand the arrested man says he was working alone.

He appeared in court Monday.

— HMetro

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