Grace Mugabe’s ex husband Goreraza strikes again, begs Mnangagwa to remove Mutodi from Cabinet and Parliament


Mr President, when you employ trash like Energy Mutodi you not only soil your name but you bring embarrassment to the whole Nation. You hired him, you are responsible for the disrepute he has brought to government and the what should be the esteemed office of the President which belongs to the people of Zimbabwe.

He swindled millions from home seekers and wriggled his way out of trouble through bribes and political connections. Only recently it was you who revealed he was behind 2 pay to play scandals in which he received half a million dollars and asked for 5 million Rand from a prospective investor.

Stanley Goreraza

He wrecks his official vehicle, costing the tax payer $61000 and asks for $500 a day from the same tax payer.

He assaults his former driver for asking for outstanding payments owed to him and there is video evidence of this.

Mnangagwa with close ally Energy Mutodi

Do you have to make us wait for a Cabinet reshuffle to see this piece of shit gone?

And Mr President, why do you keep such company? Do you not do background checks on people you appoint in government? He is a clear mental case with pathological criminal tendencies, what else does he have to do before you fire him honestly?

And to think if he is fired from government, he still gets to keep his seat in parliament! We have garbage like that being called an honourable member of Parliament? It’s embarrassing shuwa. Is there a shortage of decent men and women in Zimbabwe, in Zanupf, in the Mdc that we have to settle for marara akadaro shuwa, sweepings which should be thrown into a garbage pit!

Please enough already. If he hasn’t already embarrassed you enough then there is something very wrong with you Mr President.

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