Ndongokuda Wakadaro: Mebo hit maker Obert Chari speaks out — 'I come from a very humble background'


“Mebo” hit maker Obert Chari is returning to City Sports Bar in Harare this Friday to celebrate the achievements he made in 2018.

He will be supported by sungura musician Mukoma Robbie of Top Sungura.

Chari’s song Mebo was voted the best song in 2018 at National Fm Top 50. The song was also voted into top 30 at both Radio Zimbabwe Coca-Cola charts and ZBC TV Coke Top videos.

He was also awarded Best Upcoming Artiste by Radio Zimbabwe Coca-Cola last year.

The 31-year-old, a former Midlands State University student of African Languages, has four albums under his name and these are Ngoma Yababa, Vaporofita Venhema, Mariyambutsa and Wanganela.

His popular video features 19-year-old Petronella Kapeyapeya, who is now commonly referred to as Mebo in showbiz circles.

Kapeyapeya’s alluring looks in the video charmed many music loving people. Apart from her looks, many people fell in love with the lyrics of the song as it reflects the effects of the harsh economic situation on society.

Chari was inspired by his personal background to come up with the popular song, Mebo.

“I come from a very humble background and this has inspired me a lot.”

The song Mebo talks about a poor man who lacks confidence in his beautiful girlfriend and wife-to-be, Mebo. His economic status erodes his confidence but the girl continues assuring him of her love.

“I derive my inspiration from looking at people’s situations and then relate them to the Bible.

“I started singing when I was young and used to sing in the ZCC church choir. My peers and family then encouraged me to do an album and that is how the career began,” he said.

“When I write my music, I focus on the Biblical solutions that the Lord has offered for all the problems people are going through and I write about them.

Chari said some of his songs came from pastor Nehemiah Mutendi’s sermons.

“I am a Christian and this has helped me to pray and fast for my music. I believe taking your time to do something makes it perfect and when it is perfect it makes more impact,” he said.

He urged leaders in the industry to assist upcoming artists so that the industry grows well.

“Originality is key but a little help from those who have been around for longer is essential. I always make time to sit down and listen to advice from anyone who has any to offer, especially other artists.

“I am willing to branch out to all spheres as long as it gets the music moving. One of my dreams is actually to meet experts in the industry so that I can go even further,” he said.

Besides being a gospel musician, Chari finds solace in admiring local sungura stars as they also give him drive in his career. The song “Mebo” is a sungura jam that could inspire Chari to fuse his gospel with more secular compositions.

“My role models include Bhosvo Mutombi, Lucky Chikoore, Sulumani Chimbetu and Alick Macheso among others. These are the people I hope to one day collaborate with in a bid to make great music,” he said.

Watch Mebo video below

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