Drama as man flees to South Africa after failing to fend for family


A Mbare man, Nesbert Sabeta reportedly dumped wife and children after failing to fend for them due to economic hardships.

Sabeta is reported to have ran away to South Africa leaving his family languishing in poverty.

Despite efforts by Sabeta’s wife Happymore to approach the court and force the fugitive father to pay for maintenance, the hapless wife has now come to terms with her situation but says she is living a sorry life.

Happymore says ever since her husband ran away, she has been struggling to pay school fees for the two children and has appealed to the first lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa to intervene.

“I have a seven year child, I have tried to do everything I can to fend for the child, I sell freezits but it’s not enough. The child has high expectations from me as a single parent, I don’t have anything to offer for him and have lost all my hope.

“Now all that’s left is for me to watch him grow into a criminal. And it is the same case for my five year old daughter, by the look of things, she is likely to end up in prostitution because this is all she knows and she cannot go school because I don’t have the money.

“I last ate yesterday and I don’t know where I will get my next meal, so where will I get school fees when I cannot have money for my family’s upkeep.

“My husband left me because thing were getting worse, I have tried the maintenance route but his whereabouts remain known to him alone, he is reported to be in South Africa,” said Sabeta.

“We appeal to the first lady to at least talk to the school authorities to reduce their fees, she is a woman who gave birth and knows how it feels to see a child grown into a zombie,” she told 263Chat.

Sabeta said the government needs come up with price controls as prices of basic commodities have spiralled out of the reach of the poor people.

“During (former President Robert) Mugabe’s era, we would have price controls and I think that is what is needed right now. We are suffering, our money has lost value and most transactions are now in US dollar, but we cannot get the foreign currency. This is a terrible situation for us, we want help from the First lady and the government,” she said.

Zimbabwe’s economic situation has dwindled in the past few months after elections and many people believe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has lost grip of the economy.

— 263Chat

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