What a blunder….. President Mugabe wishes he had not fired Joice Mujuru


President Mugabe is reportedly regretting berating and firing his former comrade, vanquished, former Vice President Joice teurai Ropa Mujuru.

According to a report by UK based website, Zimeye, the nonagenarian strongman doesn't know who to trust anymore as dog fights in his are exacerbating despite Mujuru and her Gamatox cabal's ouster.

President Mugabe has reportedly taken a soft turn appearing to regret events in the last few months since August 2014. State House confidential sources narrate that he says he had acted through knee jerk reaction as he listened to his wife who was uncomfortable with VP Joice Mujuru. With the aid of the Gang of Four, or the so-called G40 crew, there was an allegation hatched to the effect that Joice Mujuru had plans to oust President Mugabe from power.

The head of state, acting impulsively, kicked out Mujuru and the widow suffered podium defamation and ridicule as all and sundry in Zanu-Pf attacked her for daring to topple President Mugabe from his chair of 35 years. In addition she was harangued for alleged corrupt activities that made her seem like the first and last corrupt person in Zanu PF. Zimbabwean plebeians got carried away and demanded her head on a platter. Even those suspected of working closely with her were disparaged as others even got fired. Rugare Gumbo, Nicholas Goche, Bhasikiti, Temba Mliswa, Didymus Mutasa and various others were fired from the party and lost their leadership roles.

A few months later, it's now emerging from confidential sources in the State House that President Mugabe is starting to feel ill-advised and that "butchering his erstwhile friends was probably not the best of choices".

He has been made to start a fire that's now destroying his own house.

"He listened to too much pillow talk and played a passive role as he watched his party fall apart as he now tells us," the impeccable source said.

"Now many are busy exposing each other before public media. He regrets that and wishes he had taken a second look into the allegations. He even feels that the G40 as a gang are power-hungry and will never stop until they occupy top-level party and government positions," they continued.

This development now hounds President Mugabe because of endless internal scuffles that are continuously ripping the party apart. He feels that very soon the once mighty Zanu PF could be just an empty shell because the current program drivers lack maturity, finesse and wisdom. It's a rush to rule regardless of ethics or consequences.

President Mugabe is now fighting hard to control the damage as he fights also to salvage the party from further decimation.

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