6 Harare people caught having sex, police shocked as naked man flees wearing condom only


Three couples were caught having hot sex in their parked cars in broad daylight at Cleveland Dam on Saturday.

While church group, family members  and workmates were busy braaing near the dam, lovers decided to park their cars under trees on the blind side and turned their cars into sex havens.

One of the partners, Brian Makuwaza (23) of Damafalls and Shamiso Punungwe (22) of Sunningdale, said it was their first time to take advantage of their tinted car and have steamy sex at the dam. The couple was caught stark naked, as if they were in their bedroom. Only Brian's anaconda was wearing a 'sex raincoat', otherwise the rest of their bodies were clothe-less. They were in a Red Honda Fit, registration Number ADH 6783.

"Wangu ma1` chaiwo. I am employed but things are tight. That is why I decided to have quality time with my lover in my car," said Brian as he was begging the news team not to publish his photos.

"I used condoms as you can see (showing his used condoms and his 'kadora') since I am still to pay lobola for her and if you delete the photographs I will look for you on Monday or send something via Ecocash because hey it will tarnish my image.

"I have realised my mistake and I apologise for having sex at this place and promise not to do it again," said Brian.

Shamiso said she lives with her sister and felt sorry for being lured into having sex before their planned marriage. She said her sister was aware of her visit to Cleverand Dam with Brian.

"My sister is aware of my visit to this place with Brian but does not allow me to have sex with him before marriage and I am sorry about this. I am gainfully employed but I could not use my money to book lodges and I was not planning to have sex with him, only that I failed to control my feelings," said Shamiso while dressing up.

Another couple covered themselves with their clothes after hmetro lenses zoomed into their tinted Sunny Ex-Salon car registration number ABT-2377 and locked themselves in the car.

The other man cut short his sex round after noticing the news crew and jumped behind the steering wheel before speeding off stark naked. Only his 'anaconda' was wearing something when he drove off. He had been caught having hot sex in his Honda Civic registration number ACV 5118. Municipal police at the entrance were left in a state of awe as the naked man fled the news team.

People visiting Cleveland Dam pay a dollar per person and vehicles are charged a dollar as well and motorists are taking advantage of the secluded spots to have steamy sex there. Several cars can be seen "bouncing" with female groans coming ouyt of the vehicles as couples enjoy car sex and the dam.

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