Buhera father-in-law in sex scandal with son's wife after his own wife died?


Buhera father-in-law in sex scandal with son's wife after his own wife died?

My Zimbabwe News tries by all means to spend just a single day without publishing anything to do with sex, but the problem is Zimbabweans are too much into sex. They would rather not commit any offence then do the worst one can ever think of when it comes to sex. In a shocking incident that has rocked the Chirozva village in Nyashanu area in Buhera, a man is reportedly mad in love with his daughter-in-law.

According to reports gathered by our news crew, Sekuru Verengai Tagwida (PICTURED ABOVE) who is aged 65 is allegedly head over heels with his daughter-in-law Emma Chando who is 34-years-old. Emma is married to Luckson Tagwida (36), the last born of Sekuru Verengai Tagwida.

The reportedly sex-starved father-in-law is a villager in Jombo kraal and his son Luckson is employed in Harare where he spends much of his time. Reported managed to get in touch with all the three said parties and they all confirmed that they have heard about the chilling rumour that's doing rounds in the area.

THe father-in-law and his daughter-in-law are said to have started dating when Sekuru Tagwida's wife passed on. Emma reportedly "took over" and started looking after her father-in-law. She would then cook for her husband's father, do his laundry and sources claim that she then went as far as providing 'quality love services' too.

Since Luckson spends the greater part of his time in Harare where he works, Sekuru Tagwida and Emma are often seen together, enjoying each other's comfort in a similar manner common to lovebirds.

Well placed moles alleged that Luckson had to leave the village and found a new place of residence in Harare after losing his wife to his own father.

Emmah reportedly pays a visit to her father-in-law-cum-boyfriend while the father-in-law returns the 'favour' and becomes the one who pays a visit to his son's wife where they would do only what Goid knows.

When our reporters paid the family a visit last week, Sekuru Tagwida and his daughter-in-law were found together in the fields.

When asked to give his comment, Sekuru Tagwida first attempted to profess ignorance before eventually admitting that he knows something about the said story.

"It is actually my daughter-in-law who told me that people were saying the two of us are in love. She said her brothers are confronting her, asking her why she is head over heels, in love with me. One of her brothers, Shepherd Chando, also phoned her and asked her about the same issue," he said.

He however claimed that he doesn't know where all these queer allegations are coming from.

"It might be a story created by haters because when my two wives died, my daughter-in-law took over and resumed taking care of my welfare from where my wives had ended. People are just jealousy, they don't want to see happy people because it's rare to find in-laws in good books as is the case between my son's wife and I," he said.

Asked why only his daughter-in-law and himself were the accused when there are lot's of widows and widowers in Buhera, the elderly man had this to say: "There is nothing wrong with my daughter-in-law and myself living at the same house because we are in good books. Even my son and I are good books too," he said.

His first wife, Sarah Maroko, passed on in 2008 and he married his second wife, Edith Munyai in 2009. She also met her creator in 2011.

"Since then my daughter-in-law has been taking good care of myself, and that's what members of this community don't like about us," he said.

Emmah also denied that she is mad in love with her husband's father, though she confirmed that the rumour is not news to her.

"My husband, Luckson, came here last week coming from Harare where he works. He asked me about this issue and I denied those allegations. Tsitsi dzangu dzava kunditsitsirira because I cook for him and do his laundry as our father, not knowing that all this will brew problems in my marriage and family. My own brother, Shepherd, asked me about it. He said a prophet had spoken about these rumours at a church gathering. The prophet had prophesied that I was dating my father-in-law, but I denied the claims," she said.

"Maybe there is juju that's being used so that I can be in love with him through spiritual means, I cannot deny that," she added.

Emmah and Luckson got married in 1997 and the couple has 5 children together. So despite being 34-years-old, she is a mother of 5. It also means she got married when she was 16 years old.

"Some are even saying some of my children belong to my father-in-law," she revealed.

"In our culture, when your mother-in-law dies, the wife of the last born goes to the father-in-law's house and stays there for three to four months while helping him and consoling him. That's what I did and eventually returned to my place. It's also true that my father-in-law comes to my house, but he will be coming for 'food'," she said.

Sekuru Tagwida and his family are members of Zion Apostolic Church and it is reported that a prophet within their church once prophesied that these two were in a love relationship. Surprisingly, the elderly man could not respond when asked if he didn't believe in what prophets from his church prophesy.

When reached for comment on the following phone numbers 0773603932 and 0715258505, at first Luckson tried to play the total stranger and pretended not to know anyone by the name Luckson Tagwida. "I don't know anyone by that name. Who are you anyway? I don't know what you are talking about," he said.

After using several investigative journalism tricks, the seemingly cheated man eventually "came to his senses" and remembered that his name is Luckson.

"But who told you about this story? Please give me their names. You went to my rural home without notifying me. Please don't publish this story guys. The story will destroy my marriage. I went to Buhera and confronted my wife but she denied the allegations. I asked my father as well but he too professed ignorance over the matter," he said.

Chief Nyashanu said he had heard about this rumour and that he was conducting his own investigations. He said if he finds these two guilty he will heavily fine them.

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