Former Minister Terence Mukupe slams George Charamba: We need the British and the Americans


Former deputy finance minister Terence Mukupe has launched a scathing attack on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidential spokesperson George Charamba.

Mukupe blasted Charamba for using toxic language like he used to when he was still former President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson when everything was blamed on the Americans and the British.

Writing on social media, Mukupe said, “Mugabe days of toxic comments and blaming the British and Americans for everything that’s wrong with Zimbabwe’s Renaissance are back powered by George… We need the British and the Americans in as much as we need the Asians as shown by the reengagements efforts of President ED.”

Mukupe’s response attack on Charamba may have been motivated by the fact that Charamba exposed him when he dismissed reports that there was a coup plot to impeach Mnangagwa.

According to Charamba that was all black propaganda.

Mukupe and Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Mayor Justice Wadyajena are the ones who raised alarm about the alleged coup plot claiming that their families had been threatened with death.

However, dismissing the claims, Charamba said, “We also saw made up reports of a coup d’état which were then unmade by the same voices so as to attack cohesion within Zanu-PF, the leadership and our security establishment.”

This is unlikely to end well and the only question is who will be on the receiving end when things come to a head.

— Agencies

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