Confusion in government as Information Ministry embarrasses Mnangagwa’s spokesman George Charamba


THE Ministry of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services has dismissed a statement made by presidential spokesperson George Charamba that the nation had to take tweets from President Mnangagwa’s official twitter page with a pinch of salt.

Charamba yesterday cautioned the nation against believing everything that is tweeted through President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s verified Twitter account, insinuating that the page was being run without the full control and authority of the President.

But the Information Ministry, via its own twitter page, has dismissed Charamba’s claims.

In a short but hard-hitting tweet, the Information Ministry twitter page, believed to be under the hands of the ministry’s permanent secretary Nick Mangwana, has said nothing gets posted on President Mnangagwa’s twitter page without him having cleared it.

Charamba cautioned the nation yesterday against believing everything that is tweeted through President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s verified Twitter account.

Responding to journalists who were probing about the call for dialogue by President Mnangagwa, Charamba said, “Just when we were in there the President was drawing me to an attempt as it were putting words in his mouth using his twitter account. So do not always believe that which is coming through that account.”

But in an apparent clap back, the Information Ministry has just tweeted: “There maybe be many fake accounts in His Excellence President Mnangagwa’s name but @edmnangagwa is the legitimate voice of the President. Nothing goes on there but that which represents his views and positions on issues and that which he has explicitly cleared.”

Factionalism, confusion, and outright pure jealousy have ripped the government’s information department right in the middle, with information of key national significance constantly changing depending on the mouthpiece that speaks at the time.

“Some of these naked contestations border on pure jealousy,” a source close to the ruling party hierarchy told 263gossip.

“George Charamba just wants to make life difficult for Nick Mangwana to do his job. He is behaving like an ex who was ditched while still in love with the girl, and will do everything to make life difficult for the replacement.

“But of course there is the aspect of factionalism between the President’s camp and the camp led by his deputy; factionalism between the Mnangagwa and the VP Chiwenga camps didn’t end at Esigodini,” a ruling party youth league insider told “If anything, the Esigodini congress served to push the Chiwenga camp to operate more subtly and with the added benefit that the other camp thinks there is no more challenge to the throne.

“The truth is that Chiwenga may spring a surprise and day any time between now and 2023. His guys like George (Charamba) are clocking many hours burning midnight candles planning a comeback. It’s not over until the fat lady sings!”

President Mnangagwa’s official Twitter account is run by his son Emmerson Junior, hence Charamba’s feeble attempts to play it down as not reliable, the source added.

So deep-seated is the factionalism that only this week, Herald Editor Joram Nyathi was fired for not placing an article about President Mnangagwa’s return from Eurasia on the front page.

All it took for Nyathi to be shown the door was a tweet from Mnangagwa ally Justice Mayor Wadyajena to register his faction’s displeasure.

The next day, Nyathi was relieved of his duties. He had been on the job for just four weeks.

Sources say Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi, who is in the Chiwenga camp, is the next target by the Mnangagwa’s allies.

Wadyajena has in the past accused Energy Mutodi of “misusing his energy.”

Another Mnangagwa ally, former depuity Finance Minister Terrence Mukupe, has of late been aiming potshots at the Chiwenga faction.

Yesterday, Mukupe took aim at George Charamba for harbouring Mugabe tendencies of the old. This was after Charamba had said Zimbabwe was not in a hurry to re-join the Commonwealth. Charamba also said the Americans were responsible for funding the anti-fuel price hike demos last week which left a trail of killings.

Said Mukupe: “Mugabe days of toxic comments and blaming the British and Americans for everything that’s wrong with Zimbabwes Renaissance are back powered by George… We need the British and the Americans in as much as we need the Asians as shown by the re-engagements efforts of President ED.”

Mutodi has previously openly attacked his boss at the Ministry, Monica Mutsvangwa, but no public reprimand was issued against him. — 263gossip

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