Drama as man catches wife having sex with his best friend: I heard funny noises coming from my bedroom


THERE was drama at Tiki village in Lupane after a man caught his wife enjoying the forbidden fruit with his best friend.

The incident transpired on 22 December when Themba Ndlovu found his wife Maria Ndlovu having se_x with his best friend Brian Moyo in their marital home.

Themba had travelled to Bulawayo to see his relatives for the festive season, little did he know that his best friend would play his role in the bedroom and sleep with his wife.

He arrived at his homestead late at night and heard funny noises coming from his bedroom and when he peeped through the window he saw his friend having se_x with his wife.

Themba burst in through the door wide open and fought with his friend. His wife Maria screamed and woke up a few neighbours who came to the scene.

B-Metro caught up with Themba who was very angry and disappointed.

‘‘I never thought that the people I trusted would betray me like this. I do not want to see my wife at the moment because I might do something I might regret,’’ said Themba.

‘‘We have two children and yet she chooses to cheat on me with my best friend, if she wants to destroy the marriage so be it,’’ he added.

Themba had been married to Maria for seven years and they had two children in the process.

A close source told B-Metro that Maria had a tendency of inviting Brian over in the evening whenever Themba was away.

“This is not the first time we saw them together, when Themba is away, we usually see Brian going to their homestead in the evening and leaving in the morning,” said the source.

‘‘We suspected they were having an affair but we never had any proof until this incident,’’ the source added.

Maria shouted on the phone claiming people hated her and did not want her marriage to work.

‘‘People are evil and they do not want to see me happy and they are happy that my marriage is falling apart,’’ she said.

Maria, however, has moved back to her father’s homestead and took her two children with her.

Efforts to get comment from Brian were fruitless as he is rumoured to have moved to Victoria Falls.

— BMetro

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