Dumped man torments ex wife, hacks into her Facebook account and posts her nudes on dating sites


A JILTED Harare man is being accused of allegedly hacking into his ex-wife’s Facebook account and posting her photos on dating sites supposedly in revenge for their break-up.

Charmaine Milner from Kingsdale in Bulawayo said her self-employed ex-husband Ronald Simbarashe Nyabadza was also using her account to insult her friends.

She revealed this at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a protection order against him. She said her ex-husband also wishing her dead.

“In August 2018, I left my ex-husband Ronald Nyabadza to come back to Bulawayo and live with my parents.

“He had been abusing me since 2013 and I suffered two miscarriages as a result of his abuse.

“I suffered in silence for so long hence the decision to leave the relationship. Since then he has been threatening, stalking and harassing me.

“He also refuses to maintain his kids leading me to go to Harare on 14 December last year to report him to his father. He then got angry and beat me up.

“Acting in self defence, I scratched him on his face so that he could release me from his grip.

“After that altercation we went to the police and on advice from our parents we dropped the charges. He has been tormenting me daily, the reason being that I don’t want to go back to him.

“He hacked my social media accounts and is now impersonating me on dating sites where he is giving my phone number to men looking for women. He also has access to my old Facebook account which he is using to threaten my friends,” complained Milner.

Nyabadza refuted his ex-wife’s accusations saying she was the one who was violent. He said she physically abused him when she visited him in Harare.

“It is not true that I am abusing her. She is the one who is physically abusing me. I had photos showing injuries I sustained when she assaulted me.

“The matter is now before the police where it is being investigated. Before we separated there were also reports that she was cheating on me,” responded Nyabadza.

A reciprocal order was granted in which the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure ordered both parties not to verbally, physically and emotionally abuse each other.

The magistrate further said she could not make a ruling on Milner’s allegations that he was hacking her social media accounts because there was no “substantial” evidence that he was the one doing it.

— BMetro

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