Commotion as Mukanya jumps out and runs for dear life after a child opened her mother’s bedroom


A baboon came out in broad daylight in Bulawayo’s Pumula East suburb when a child opened her mother’s bedroom.

The baboon reportedly jumped out and ran for its dear life, in the process causing commotion in the neighbourhood. Children who saw it while playing screamed for help as they also ran in different directions.

“We thought something terrible had happened (to the children) and a number of parents rushed out to see what was happening. We were told the children had been startled by a baboon.

“It was shocking to hear that a baboon had been seen in our area and some children explained that it had come out of our neighbour’s house.”

Some eager people reportedly proceeded to the said home to ask what was happening and they only found children who then explained that it just came out of the bedroom.

“No one knows where it escaped to and we wonder where it had come from. You know people will always have different schools of thought,” said another neighbour Vimbai.

When the B-Metro crew visited the area, the children were still gripped by the experience. The daring ones led the crew to the house where the baboon came from.

The woman found at the house said she didn’t see the baboon but confirmed that children claimed they did see it.

— BMetro

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