Latest on Harare West MP Joana Mamombe who was arrested by 9 CID detectives


MDC Alliance legislator for Harare West Joana Mamombe has been taken to Harare Central Police station where she has been charged with attempting to overthrow and subvert a Constitutionally-elected government (Treason).

The charges stem from an incident when she addressed a Press Conference on 14th of January 2019 at Civic Center, Malborough, just as the violent #ShutDown Protests were building up across the country.

Mamombe was arrested in Nyanga on Saturday morning by a group of nine detectives from CID Harare.

The cheeky detectives pounced on Mamombe as she was about to board a Parliament of Zimbabwe bus, then threw her onto the back of an open truck to take her all the way to Harare, a distance of 270km.

MDC Alliance legislator for Warren Park constituency, Shakespeare Hamauswa, said: “Honourable Mamombe is Acting Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education, Technology Development. Sadly, this morning she was snatched by a group of eight men and a lady who claimed to be from CID Law and Order Harare office.”

Mamombe (26) had been on the police wanted since mid-January, with police saying she was suspected of inciting protesters who went on to loot private businesses and destroy property worth millions of dollars.

Said Hamauswa: “We know Honourable Mamombe committed no crime and she deserves to be treated with respect in line with the arresting procedures as enshrined in the laws of the land and in tandem with the constitution.

“The security agents had a million options of engaging with with Honourable Mamombe in a dignified manner. They could have waited for her to come back from Nyanga since she was on Parliamentary business.”

He accused the police of showing cruelty and disrespect for arresting Mamombe during parliamentary business and throwing her into the back of an open truck all the way to Harare.

“Bringing two vehicles to pick a 26 year female MP is a sign of desperation cruelty on the party of regime. Mnangagwa and his regime should know that violence is like a raging fire which creates its own fuel. He is causing, obviously without knowing, the development of dangerous culture in our body politic.

“To Honourable Mamombe we say remain strong. We will match their capacity to inflict injuries with our capacity to resist pain,” said Hamauswa.
MP Joana Mamombe in Nyanga chairing a Parliamentary portfolio Committee retreat session, just hours before she got nabbed

“The MDC is concerned with the continued harassment of Members of Parliament by the military State,” said the MDC Alliance, announcing the arrest.

“Police have arrested Hon Joana Mamombe whilst she was attending a Parliamentary workshop in Nyanga. The speaker of Parliament is also attending the same workshop,” said Chalton Hwende, the MDC deputy treasurer-general, in a statement.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Jacob Mafume has accused the police of employing “Smith-era” tactics on opposition politicians, saying Mamombe was not a criminal. He accused Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda of remaining complacent while MPs were hounded by the State.

“The MDC is worried by the use of tactics of the Smith regime. In no country do you have harrassmment of elected officials the way it has been happening in Zimbabwe since August 2018.

“That the speaker of Parliament is also silent is an indictment on his party. Allowing the Executive arm of the state to systematically decimate dissent in the legislature is barbaric, undemocratic and unacceptable.

“Hon Mamombe is not a criminal, terrorizing her mother and invasion of her privacy is a violation of her Constitutional rights.

“The State must protect it’s citizens not terrorise them and instill fear on everyone who disagrees with Dambudzo Mnangagwa.”

— ZOOMZimbabwe

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