Sikhala blasts woman who reported Chamisa to police: Guys can you rape this kind of woman even if..?


MDC Alliance legislator for Zengeza West Job Sikhala who is also a human rights lawyer, torched a storm with his Twitter followers and human rights activists after he tweeted a picture of a woman who alleged party leader Nelson Chamisa had raped her, then captioned the picture with the words: “Who would rape this KIND of woman?”

Sikhala further said even no-one would rape that kind of woman even if they found her naked.

Said Sikhala:

“Guys here present can you rape this kind of woman nyangwe ukamuwana akashadabura meaning can you rape this kind of woman even if you found her exposing her private parts?.”

His followers called for him to be reported to Twitter, while others asked if that was how the MDC Alliance treated women.

Sikhala has been accused of body-shaming the woman, and of also disrespecting mentally ill people as a result of his tweet.

Renowned social and political commentator Revesayi Mutede said: “That is so wrong honourable. Totally wrong. You are stooping so low to her level. Why?”

“So is there a kind of women that is ‘acceptable’ for rape?” one asked.

“Agreed she is a shameless liar. But don’t you think your tweet is in bad taste? Are you implying that there are ‘rapeable’ women? Both you and this woman are MAD,” another said.

‘May you respectfully take down this VERY low tweet? Thanks,” another said.

Yet another one said “Precedence shows that rape victims come in different shapes and sizes. As such rape allegations cannot be dismissed on the basis of how the victim look, and as a lawyer you should know this. Your trivialisation of rape is primitive and foolish.”

“For a lwayer, this is tasteless. Iwe wacho wambozvitarisa here Jobho? It is unfortunate that our party has been hijacked by misogynists.”

Sikhala has since been forced to take down the tweet, but has not apologized.

A day before, Sikhala had said Chamisa so handsome that millions of women screamed for him at every rally. As such, it was unthinkable Chamisa would rape considering the many women that scream for him.

“When handsome men of substance and fame are alleged of rape when million women scream on their sight. Mapererwa manje vana kamba,” said Sikhala.

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