TB Joshua is a false prophet: Zanu PF


ZANU PF apologist Tafataona Mahoso has blasted charismatic Nigerian preacher TB Joshua, accusing him doing nothing to help his government locate 200 school girls abducted by a militant group despite prophesying about other countries.

On April 14 this year, Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram carried out the mass abduction of the girls from a secondary school in a development that has drawn condemnation worldwide.

Countries such as the United States, Britain, France and Israel are already providing varying levels of support to Nigeria’s military to help find the girls.

And with 46 days having passed since the girls were abducted, anger is boiling among frustrated families especially over the lack of a clear government response.

Enter Mahoso, a venomous critic of the West and pro-Zanu PF political analyst who was also handed cushy government jobs in what was seen as a reward for his support.

Speaking during his weekly African Pride programme on Zimbabwe Television (ZTV), Mahoso said it was surprising that Temitope Balogun Joshua, more widely known as TB Joshua, had not been able to help his own country.

The globally renowned preacher claims to have correctly prophesied major events across the world including the deaths of leaders of some countries.

Said Mahoso: “This guy TB Joshua has proved to us that he is a fake prophet through his imported religion.
“Over the past few years he was busy prophesying about Zimbabwe and the death of other African leaders, yet he cannot do the same about his own people.

“We have always tried to warn our people not to follow these (prophets) but they accuse us of being the advocates of the devil. How can he (TB Joshua) fail to prophesy what happened to the girls and where they are being held up to today?”

Mahoso warned locals against flocking to Pentecostal churches spreading like a plague in Zimbabwe under the leadership of young and unashamedly flamboyant “prophets”.

He said these “prophets” were out to fleece people of their hard-earned cash by promising them phantom riches.

Only hard work and following laid down policies can take people out of poverty, he added.

“Spoon-fed and lazy people now believe in miracle money issues, people should just read and understand the Zim-Asset document and put it in practice.”

Mahoso also urged Zimbabweans to stop following what he described as foreign religions.

“We have our own religion which helped us to liberate our country from the whites but soon after that we are abandoning it,” he said.

“That is why we have so many social and economic problems, midzimu yavana Mbuya neHanda, Sekuru Kaguvi nana Chaminuka yakatsamwa”.
TB Joshua was recently quoted prophesying that remains of the missing Malaysian MH370 jet-liner could be found between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean.

Supporters also claim he correctly prophesied the death of an ageing African dictator in 2012 as well as the passing of pop star Michael Jackson.

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