‘My wife has 14 other husbands bedding her, I’m the 15th’: Man shames wife in court


A Chipinge woman’s husband sensationally claimed she was taking turns to have se_x with him and with 14 other men, this according to court records obtained by this publication.

Joseph Tanyaradzwa Gwenzi who claimed his wife Loveness Musaida Gwenzi was supposedly on a se_x binge, said the motive was definitely not out of love but apparently to fulfil her insatiable appetite for se_x as she was also in the habit of bedding his relatives.

The shocking revelations in which Loveness supposedly thinks 15 is a magic number are contained in court documents in which Joseph was disputing her claim for an upward maintenance variation.

This was after she claimed the spousal maintenance of $40 per month which her husband was contributing was no longer sufficient to maintain her and their four children.

“The respondent (Joseph) was paying $40 per month for the applicant (Loveness) only after he promised to maintain the children on his own but surprisingly he is not maintaining them. Two children who are at secondary school pay $180 per term for their education while the other two who are still at primary pay $40 per term.

“They also need food therefore, I am now applying for an upward variation of the maintenance from $40 to $400 per month,” demanded Loveness.

In response Joseph denied his wife’s upward variation claim saying he was still buying food for the children and also paying their school fees as per the initial court order.

Apparently, in a bid to shame his wife he alleged that she had 14 “husbands” who were bedding and taking care of her with him being the 15th.

He further alleged that his wife was also betraying his trust by allegedly having se_xual intercourse with his relatives.

The seemingly shocked presiding magistrate Joshua Nembaware deferred the matter to 11 March for a ruling. Meanwhile, appearing before the same magistrate but for a different case of a protection order, Loveness claimed her husband was verbally, physically and psychologically abusing her together with the children.

She claimed he was brutally beating them with a grinding mill belt and was also not allowing them to go to church.

Joseph defended his cruel actions saying he would be disciplining them as one of the children had boyfriends. He claimed he once stumbled upon a text message in his daughter’s phone from one of her mother’s workmates in which he was soliciting for se_x from her.

Joseph was, however, ordered by the magistrate not to verbally, physically and psychologically abuse his wife and children.

— BMetro

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