I can't live without s*x Your Worship: Bulawayo married woman tells magistrate


If s*x is a kind of madness then one Bulawayo woman is totally insane.

This was after she caused a stir in court begging the magistrate to dismiss her husband’s application for a restraining order saying it was a plot to divorce her before “swearing” that she could not live without s*x as she was addicted to it. She literally declared that s*x was her daily bread and she could not do without it.

Hlengiwe Sibanda from Pumula South said the peace order would make her s*x life difficult as it would compel her to keep away from her husband Themba Ndlovhu who claimed that she was psychologically abusing him when she confronted him demanding her conjugal rights.

“Your Honour can you dismiss his application for a peace order. This is so because he is lying that I am physically, verbally and psychologically abusing him in fact he is the one who is emotionally abusing me by denying me my conjugal rights. His plea for a protection order is a plot to divorce me. I will never accept that Your Worship. As a married woman I need s*x everyday and to me it is my daily routine. Indeed the peace order will make it difficult for me to bother my husband when I want to sleep with him, so can you immediately dismiss it,” she said.

Responded the Magistrate: ” But there is nothing I can do after your husband claimed that you are physically ad verbally abusing him as well as threatening to poison him. Why do you abuse him? Talk to him nicely, he will meet your demands.”

“The problem is that if I don’t confront him he will never ask for is so what do you want me to do? I am a woman and my body will be itching for a man, ” she responded.

The circus started after Hlengiwe’s husband claimed that his wife was making his life miserable as she was in the habit of physically, emotionally and verbally abusing him for no apparent reason.

“My wife is physically, emotionally and verbally abusing me and on several occasions she has threatened to poison me and I am now afraid that one day she will live true to her threats, ” said a distressed Ndlovhu.

Presiding Magistrate Marylene Msthina granted an interim peace order which compels the couple not to abuse each other in any way before she referred them for counselling.

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