Bulawayo male prostitute sells sex: Condoms or no condoms, I can go for 10 rounds


GONE are the days when you would only find women on street corners selling their bodies, the game has changed; men have also joined the world’s oldest profession.

Temptation Zondo (25) is a self-proclaimed male prostitute and is proud of having such an ‘achievement’. The 25-year-old did not seem ashamed at all when he ‘graced’ the news room with his presence, but rather was proud that he had come up with a good way of making money.

“I want women who are willing to pay me for sexual favours and I’m sure most would be happy to know that I can even go on for 10 rounds in one session and I am also blessed,” said Zondo with a smug on his face.

He is a father of one, but says he parted ways with the mother of his child after he failed to look after her which is why he has since resorted to prostitution. Zondo is an able-bodied man who could do any form of manual labour if he set his mind to it but strangely he says he does not want to do anything other than partake in transactional sex, after all, it’s an easy way of making money, he reckons.

“I stopped schooling in Grade 5 after which I came to the city to look for employment but it was difficult to get a job and I have been unemployed for as long as I can remember. Most women make money by selling their bodies why can’t I do the same, after all I won’t have a lot of competition which means more clients for me and hence more money “said Zondo.

Zondo did not seem aware of the dangers associated with having too many partners; he said that if a client is willing to pay more then he would not mind not using protection.

It remains to be seen how many women would be willing to part with their hard-earned cash in exchange for sexual favours.

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