Nurse with big manhood pulls a shocker after bedding sweet married woman, persuades her to kill her husband


A NURSE from Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo is facing a US$10 000 adultery lawsuit after he allegedly engaged in an extra marital affair with a married woman and pressured her to kill her husband to sustain the relationship.

The nurse from Tshabalala suburb, Vushe Marime, allegedly told Mrs Judy Takanai to kill her husband Mr Claudio Takanai so that he could remain the only man in her life.

Vushe Marime

He allegedly volunteered to organise some injections for Mrs Takanai which she could use to kill her unsuspecting husband.

In papers filed at the Civil Court at Tredgold Building, Mr Takanai’s lawyer Mrs Sheron Drau from Pundu 7 Company Legal Practitioners said her client had been denied conjugal rights ever since his wife started sleeping with Marime.

“Sometime in November 2018, my client found out about the illicit affair from a co-worker who revealed that on several occasions Marime had sexual intercourse with his wife at various lodges in Bulawayo. The adulterous relationship between the two has destroyed a happy marriage as Mrs Takanai has become vindictive towards my client and has stopped performing her conjugal duties and supporting her husband emotionally,” said Mrs Drau.

Mr Takanai reportedly approached Marime requesting him to terminate the relationship in November last year and he refused and told him he was not man enough. He also boasted about the size of his manhood.

According to Mrs Drau, Mrs Takanai confessed about the relationship during a family meeting and asked her husband to forgive her.

“She stated that Marime was in the process of acquiring injections and would show her how to use them so that she could kill her husband. He also gave her some tablets that he sells on the black market and instructed her to lie to her husband that they were Paracetamols for pain when in fact they were pills that were lethal,” she added.

Mrs Drau said her client was now living in constant misery and fears for his life.

“Furthermore he has been humiliated by Marime who boasts about the size of his sexual reproductive organ. The effects of the adulterous relationship are far reaching as their children are also affected due to the misunderstandings between the couple,” she said.

“Simply put the relationship has hurt my client’s pride as a husband, a father and a man. As a result of the adultery, my client has suffered damages namely contumelia inflicted upon him in the sum of US$5 000 and the loss of consortium in the sum of US$5 000”.

Marime is yet to respond.

— Chronicle

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