Dirty dancer Beverly Sibanda faces arrest


Dirty dancer, Beverly Sibanda faces arrest or losing her licence for violating terms and conditions of her licence.

She is NOT allowed to engage patrons at any stage during her performances. However, ever since she returned to the dance floor, Bev has been wilder and wantonly violating what has been clearly spelt out on her licence.

While a sabbatical was meant to turn her into a decent, law abiding citizen, Bev has become law unto herself to try and show her dirty dancing fans that she did not lose touch during her absence. Bev and fellow dancers have been warned before against violating the strict requirements of their licence.

It is reported that police will soon be reigning in on Bev and fellow dirty dancers who are violating the licence rules. While there was no immediate response from Bev, her manager Hapaguti ‘Harpers’ Mapimhidze says she is aware of the law. Despite the fact that this publication has on several occasions witnessed Bev taking patrons to the stage and sometimes stripping them, Harpers said he does not remember Bev doing that.

“As her (Bev’s) manager, I don’t remember her breaching the regulations of the Censorship Board. maybe she does that when I am not around but I rarely miss shows, in fact I make sure that I am always around for such reasons. Before the show I explain to her and the band that it is not allowed having a physical contact with patrons.

“I am the president of Dancers Association of Zimbabwe, which is an affiliate of the Censorship Board and there is no way we can advocate for its breach. Besides Bev, I also try to encourage other dance groups to be professional since they know what is not al;lowed,” he said.

harpers, however, admitted that Bev was at one point cautioned by police for her ‘indecent’ behaviour.

“Yes she was at one point questioned but since then, I never had any problems with her,” he claimed.

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