Sekuru Mabviravira speaks on Sekuru Ndunge’s death, life magic trap…As clients queue to return charms


Sages in the realms of African traditionalism are arguing that renowned Chipinge traditional Healer Sekuru Charles Makuyana-Ndunge was killed by the ripple effects of Cyclone Idai, his life magic trap “Riva Reupenyu” was washed away during the cyclone leading to his death.

With his umbilical code having fallen in Mozambique Sekuru Ndunge’s magic trap was supposedly placed in a sacred mountain in Mozambique. The trap was tripped by the ravaging waters of the cyclone, leading to the death of one of Africa’s finest healer, said one Sekuru Mabviravira Mupfumbunyudze of the Shangwe clan in Gokwe.

Life magical trap (Riva Reupenyu)

Explaining how the Life magical trap works Sekuru Mupfumbunyudze said:

Munhu anoita mhiko yekuteya riva reupenyu anoita mhiko yekuti akateya riva reraramo musi warinowa ndiwo waanofa,riva iri rinoteyewa manheru zuva rejenaguru, anofanira kuriteya akashama nokuti hakuna anozvarwa akapfeka….iye unofanira kudeketera midzimu yokwake, osiya mumvuri wake pariva iri, mumvuri uyu unenge uchivhenekwa nemwedzi ndiwo uchasara semhiko yekuchengeta upenyu.

translated…A person who does the sacrifice of setting a life magical trap has to accept that the day the trap falls he will certainly die, the life magical trap is set during the night of a bright moon, one should be naked since all beings are born naked …he should call upon his spirits and ancestors, he should leave his shadow which would be illuminated by the moonlight, the shadow shall be the guardian and surety for the sacrifice and the trap……

Meanwhile, there is gnashing of teeth among those who sought lucky charms from Sekuru Ndunge who died in Chipinge on March 30, 2019 after a courageous battle with diabetes.

His son, Jabulani aged 44 told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday that Sekuru Ndunge’s clients were making a beeline to their Southdown home to return lucky charms and other paraphernalia given to them by the late Sangoma to enhance their businesses and cast out evil spirits.

Unfortunately, Jabulani who has succeeded his father is unable to assist. He has no immediate answers for them.

“While I have not been keeping count, it is quite a number,” he said, after being asked if he could quantify the number of people who want to return their accessories.

“These are people who got these things because they liked them and now they want to get rid of them for fear of what is being said on social media,” he wondered.

“We are not taking back anything…My father never gave anyone anything that would hurt them.

“When God gives people such gifts, He would have searched their hearts. If you give a stick to a madman it would certainly (be used to) spell doom to society. Traditional healers are there to serve society and not to bring them harm,” he added.

Sekuru Ndunge, Jabulani said, did not include the use of goblins as prescriptions as is being peddled in some social circles.

Ndunge died at his Makuyana Village home in Southdown, Chipinge after a long battle with diabetes.

He was aged 87, although other accounts put his length of life at 90.

He is survived by his wife, nine children and more than 30 grandchildren.

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