JUST IN: Disaster as quelea birds attack Zvishavane


Quelea birds are a perennial problem for most farmers who have heeded the call to embrace growing small grains.

The birds have wrecked Mazvihwa area of Zvishavane, forcing farmers to deploy all innovation to serve his crop.

One farmer, Shasha Fundu and his wife, Beauty are now rotating taking up post at the corner of the field for purposes of chasing away the ever marauding birds.

Unable to cover the whole field, the couple has improvised, erecting scarecrows and setting up bells just to distract the birds from ravaging the fields.

An Agritex Extension Officer, Trish Sixpence said expanding the production hectarage of small grains also helps safeguard yields, therefore more farmers must also prioritise small grains.

“The farmer is doing well although quelea birds are a problem. The problem can be lessened if more people grow small grains. The larger the hectarage the better,” she said.

Besides containing the quelea birds, the Fundu family has also created a stone wall to protect the fields from animals. The stone wall without mortar is deemed environmentally friendly.


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