Sulumani warns late Sekuru Ndunge’s followers in new song…As clients jostle to return lucky charms


DENDERA crooner Suluman “Sulu” Chimbetu has fired a salvo at the late well known traditional healer, Charles Makhuyana Ndunge’s followers.

Sulu has penned a song that apparently is sending shivers down the spines of the deceased clients. Sekuru Ndunge as he was fondly referred to by his family and customers succumbed to diabetes and was laid to rest at his homestead in Chipinge. He was 87.

Suluman “Sulu” Chimbetu

The revered traditionalist gained popularity after serving tens of thousands of people of different races and background from across the globe. His trade spanned close to seven decades.

Among the people assisted by Sekuru Ndunge were musicians, politicians, businesspeople, dealers, clergymen and fellow traditional healers. But clients of the late traditional healer are currently jostling to repay outstanding debts, return lucky charms and all sorts of gear they received.

Late Sekuru Ndunge

This follows reports that a member of an apostolic sect from the region said the late sangoma approached their church a month before passing on. Sekuru Ndunge, according to the apostolic man, was “seeking assistance and demanding that all those who still have his paraphernalia surrender them”.

Enter Sulu. He is not making it any easy for those caught in the aforementioned predicament. His latest composition urges beneficiaries of the traditional healer’s “wizardry” to “return lucky charms”.

Sekuru Ndunge’s medicines

Apparently there is high belief that some successful musicians in the local music industry use juju. And that some of them (names withheld) benefited from Sekuru Ndunge’s charms.

A verse from Sulu’s song goes: “Akatora chinhu kwaNdunge ngadzosere, chingave chaunga chero chikwambo enda unosiya ikoko, ndunge akaenda dzorera, chero tsono dzorera, zvinozokunetsa mangwana, ndunge akafa, zvakatopera.” (Who ever took anything from Ndunge should return, the man is no more and it will give you problems.)

Going through the full track, one gets a feeling the Dendera singer is directing the message not just to the general public but to fellow musicians. As it stands, there are artistes that do not like sharing the stage or music equipment with certain artistes. They also would never consider collaborating with them for the said juju fears.

It gets worse for some that produce quality songs, which still fail to make an impact on the market. Talk of jinx! Others produce top class songs that are easily appreciated by fans on radio yet they still fail to attract standard crowds for live gigs.

Sulu explained the track on the sidelines of Joe “Local” Nyamungoma’s second album launch at Red Café in the capital.

“I’m not celebrating his (Sekuru Ndunge) death. It is just free advice that I’m giving. This is how things are done in our culture. You just have to return that stuff so that you have peace of mind. Failure to do so will invite trouble in your life or cause calamities like the one we witnessed in Chipinge and Chimanimani,” said Sulu.

“As artistes we get ideas for our compositions from current affairs and if you notice the Ndunge issue is trending and I have decided to make a song out of it. I also have another song that I have done for Chimanimani flood victims.”

Interestingly though, Sekuru Ndunge’s son Jabulani Makhuyana Ndunge in an interview with our sister paper The Manica Post appeared to confirm Sulu’s sentiments.

“…it is true that those who owe him must feel free to come and we go through the requisite rites so that they do not face any challenges in life,” he said.

A lot of myth has for long surrounded Sekuru Ndunge’s operations.

For instance some say he would at times instruct his clients to “deposit” payment for his services in the ground or any flowing river.

He would eventually get it and only God, maybe and the gods, know how! Sulu has in the past composed songs inspired by real life characters or events. Songs that quickly come to mind include “Sean Timba”, “Alice Mbewe” and “Chirombo”.

— SundayMail

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