Chaos as woman returns home from rural areas and finds husband’s girlfriend naked in her bedroom


Easter holiday turned into a nightmare for a city woman after she returned home unexpectedly and caught her husband’s alleged mistress lying naked in her matrimonial bed.

Muchaneta Dube (28) who is married to Sydney Chingoma (45) of Hatfield, got the shock of her life when she returned home from her rural home and found her husband’s mistress Patience Tetena (34) lying naked on her bed.

”I had gone to our rural home for the Easter holiday, and when I returned I found a woman lying on our matrimonial bed and I asked who she was and what she wanted. At first she lied to me saying she was sister to my husband of which my husband does not have any sisters. I then slapped her that is when she told me that she was having an affair with my husband,” said Dube.

According to the local newspaper the H-Metro, Chingoma was in the habit of sneaking his girlfriend into the house, taking advantage of his wife’s absence.

”This is not the first time I have caught my husband cheating. I often go to our rural home and I return after one or two months because we are building there, so whenever I come back I see messages in his phone from different girlfriends. Whenever I confront him he denies everything, I am tired of his lies,” said Dube.

In mitigation, Tetena confessed that she had no knowledge that Chingoma was married since she had been lied to that he was single and wanted a serious relationship. Tetena also added that she had paid Chingoma a surprise visit and had decided to wait for him after she found out that he was absent.

”I met Chingoma through a friend who claimed to be a sister to him and she introduced me to him saying he was divorced and looking for a woman to marry,” said Tetena.

”At first I lied, when she slapped me that is when I told her everything and I learnt that she was married to Chingoma,”added Tetena.

When Chingoma arrived, he was screaming saying people shouldn’t intervene in his affairs and he did not know the lady.

”I have never met Tetena before, who is she?

”I do not know how she got here because I have never brought anyone here, maybe she is a thief?

”Stop interfering in my affairs?

”You do not know anything tozvitangidza izvezvi. I am not the problem here.

”This wife of mine is the one who is never around, she is always running away from me so what do you expect?” said Chingoma.

— HMetro

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