Woman ‘eaten’ by dogs with rabies


THE dogs that mauled a Bulawayo woman last month had rabies.

The five dogs bit chunks of flesh out of Ms Cherish Muchegwa’s arms and legs.

A report from the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Settlement in the department of veterinary services at the central veterinary laboratory states that two of the dogs that attacked Ms Muchegwa were rabid.

The dogs have since been put down.

The Vet Department urged all people who were bitten by the dogs or had a history of contact to go for rabies vaccination.

“The dogs tested positive for rabies. All personnel who were in contact with the dogs should be vaccinated immediately against rabies. The rest of the animals at risk (that interacted with the rabid dogs) should be vaccinated against rabies,” read the report.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Cde Raj Modi, has found doctors who have agreed to perform reconstructive surgery on Ms Muchegwa for a cheaper fee of US$10 000 in India.

The Bulawayo South legislator negotiated with Kiran Hospital for a further 30 percent discount leaving the bill at US$7 000.

The initial quotation for the procedure was pegged at US$25 000 or RTGS$120 000 locally, a figure that was too steep for Ms Muchegwa and her husband Mr Joseph Masaiti.

The couple has been receiving donations from locals but the money had been going towards pre-surgery treatment.

Pre-surgery treatment ensures the wounds do not get septic while awaiting actual surgery.

ZB Bank donated $5 000 and Cde Modi had donated $3 500 which were gobbled up by pre-surgery care.

Deputy Minister Modi said he was relieved to get a cheaper quotation, but said more was still to be done to mobilise funds for Ms Muchegwa.

Donations are being channelled through Abundant Life Revival Mission International, ZB Account Number 4304413264080 Jason Moyo branch, Bulawayo.

In an interview yesterday, Ms Muchegwa’s husband, Mr Masaiti said: “We are so grateful for the love shown by Zimbabweans who have been helping us so much. We have spent over $10 000 and we now owe Mater Dei Hospital where my wife was initially admitted. We appeal for your continued support so that we can get my wife the help that she needs. Most of the medical supplies that we buy are charged in forex so it has depleted the money that we have been receiving as donations”.

He thanked Cde Modi for taking an active role in ensuring his wife is treated.

— Chronicle

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