Dad’s behaviour has gotten worse: Moira speaks out on father Eric Knight’s addiction to adultery


UK-based Zimbabwean socialite, model and musician Moira Sibongile Knight, who is presently in Zimbabwe, is a woman on a mission.

She released her debut single titled Human Heart in July 2017, which speaks about domestic violence, and this time the domestic violence has visited her family.

Her dad, the legendary former ZBC broadcaster Eric Knight, was recently shamed after alleged chats between him and a young lover were leaked on social media.

Moira recently said she was willing to forgive her father and give him another chance if he changes his behaviour.

“He really needs to change, he can’t keep on acting like a teenager. He needs to find God and act right. I have a little sister too and she is watching all this at least let him change for her and not me. How does she feel as a little girl?”

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Moira, who graduated from the University of Salford Manchester with a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree, has made strides to carve her own name in Zimbabwean music circles.

ZOOMZimbabwe (ZZ) caught up with Moira Knight (MK) to get her side of the story after she went on social media claiming that she was ashamed of her dad. Moira also opened up on her life experiences, the widening wall between herself and her dad, as well as her upcoming music projects as she has made significant strides in her career.

ZZ: Can you tell us about yourself? How did it start for you in the arts industry?

MK: I am a passionate, very humble young lady and aspiring singer based in the United Kingdom. I started showing an interest in music after being inspired by my mother Martha Knight, who was a musician. I hope for nothing but the best in future.

ZZ: Does your husband, Zimdancehall singer Seh Calaz help you in shaping your music?

MK: He doesn’t help me in terms of producing music, but he helps me in terms of connecting with the right producers, promoters, and so forth. I am an R ‘n B artists and he is into a different genre.

ZZ: Does your mom, who topped gospel music charts in Zimbabwe in the late 1990s, help you in any way?

MK: My mom is my inspiration. She motivates me and ensures I sing decent music, not zvinhu zvinonyadzisira.

ZZ: Your dad, being a veteran broadcaster, has close links to some of Zimbabwe’s top musicians and producers. Has he been of any help in your music career?

MK: I wouldn’t say so, because I do my music in Zimbabwe; he is in the UK, so honestly I have not received any help from him regards my music.

ZZ: You were supposed to release singles sometime early this year. How far are you with the project?

MK: Yes, I was supposed to release some singles, but the project has been on hold of late due to family issues. But as you might have noticed, I am also now back on social media and all is set for release now. My fans can actually expect some brand new music from me in the short-term.

ZZ: Apart from music, what else do you do in life when you are in Zimbabwe?

MK: I pretty much lived all of my life in the UK, so in Zimbabwe it’s been really difficult for me to get involved in any project. I don’t really know many people here. However, I have had a couple of people talking me up asking me to model their clothes, work with me on their make-up lines… you know…but it’s still in the early stages.

ZZ: Your mom was a good gospel musician some two decades ago, topping local gospel charts. But she just vanished from the limelight and stopped music. What happened?

MK: She has been going through a lot of trouble in her marriage, and that is the reason she has gone quiet. She is a woman in pain and withdrawing from the glare of the media is probably some kind of therapy for her.

ZZ: You recently went on social media, speaking out against your dad’s alleged romance with a young lady. Your comments split public opinion, with some saying you had no business commenting on your parents’ marital problems while others like human rights defender praised you for fighting in your mom’s corner. What do you say?

MK: I think it would be very selfish for me if I kept quiet about this because, as I called it on Twitter, it’s not the first time this has happened. As a child I tried to keep quiet about this for several years, being disciplined as I am, hoping my parents would sort it out between themselves.

It pains me as a woman to see my mom calling everyday, crying everyday. As I appropriately said, I don’t really speak to my dad like that.

But I thought that going on social media to write about it would be the best way for my dad to feel my pain and my mom’s pain. I want him to know that kunyarara kwangu doesn’t mean I am not being affected. His behavior has gotten worse now and I cannot keep quiet about it.

ZZ: So how do you describe your relationship with your dad, especially in light of the recent incident?

MK: I don’t really talk to him that much anymore. We used to be close when I was young, but as I grew up I realised he was not the dad I though he was. As we speak, I haven’t spoken to him since last year in August — that was the time I was in the UK.

But still even then, we only had to speak because we were living in the same house, but I do not speak to him that much.

ZZ: When the alleged chats of your dad were leaked on social media, he disowned them and said they were engineered and that he does not even know the young woman in question. Why are you not willing to give him the benefit of doubt and believe his side of the story, seeing you haven’t been in the UK for some time and are not living with him?

MK: (Laughs) There are voice notes that were leaked, and that’s definitely him. He is my dad and I know his voice. And the way he types — I am definitely aware of the way he types — that’s definitely him.

Like I said, zvakamboitika before. My dad munhu anoda vana vadiki, he’s sexually attracted to young girls. That’s definitely my dad in those leaked chats, no matter how much he tries to deny it.

ZZ: Coming back to your music, have you held any shows in Zimbabwe or in the UK?

MK: No, I have not performed in Zimbabwe yet, but I have performed a couple of shows in the UK. But I hope to hold some shows here in the future.

ZZ: How have your siblings and the whole Knight family been coping with the latest scandal and media attention?

MK: My brothers do not like to be on social media, but I can assure you we are all disgusted and humiliated by what our dad has been doing, and we are all against him on that and we are all disturbed by these things..

ZZ: But are there any plans by members of your family to sit down and resolve the differences?

MK: There are plans but I am not sure if I can discuss them yet, but you will definitely hear of something in a week or so.

ZZ: Any plans by your mom to come back into music, either now or in future?

MK: I’m not too sure; she might do a song, but she has not confirmed that yet. But I do hope she will release a song or two.

ZZ: Thank you for your time Moira. Any last words to your fans? When is the new music expected to be out?

MK: I am going to release a lot of singles this year, and I hope it will be some music that my fans will really love to listen to. I would like people not to judge me on what they hear or read on social media, but on what my music brings to their heart. I would also like to thank my fans who have been supportive of me despite all that has happened.

ZZ: Thanks for your time Moira, best wishes to you and the family.

MK: Thank you too. Bye.

Watch Moira Knight’s hit single Human Heart, released in 2017, below:

— ZOOMZimbabwe

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