Zimbabwe Dialogue: Nelson Chamisa sends his team to Munhumutapa offices, Mnangagwa locks his doors


MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, is pleading with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to open doors for dialogue between them, sensationally claiming yesterday that his emissaries have repeatedly found his doors shut.

In an interview, Chamisa told the Daily News that his call for dialogue is meant to avert simmering civil unrest.

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa

He said there is widespread anger in the country over a deepening economic crisis that could explode into unrest if the political leadership does not find solutions.

“We have sent letters to him (Mnangagwa); we have sent emissaries; I have sent several people to his offices but they have found the doors locked and iron walled, but we will keep knocking because what moves us is the suffering of the people.

“Zimbabwe is polarised and people are too angry…my plea and request to Mnangagwa are to come down from his high horse. Pride has never been known to be a progressive disposition — people need to be united (and) not put asunder,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa bemoaned citizens’ suffering, especially the hardships being experienced by the country’s younger generation.

He said: “Many young people have never been employed; many young people do not know a payslip or the meaning of a salary.

“Many young people are not aware of a higher purchase of lay-by dispensation – they don’t know how to purchase things on credit and these are basic things in other countries,” he said.

“These issues need to be addressed. It is not good to be stone-hearted and cruel to the people.

“Everyone is suffering; civil servants are suffering and we are decimating the honour of professionals and punishing professional and academic excellence.

“Learning and earning qualifications have been emptied of their meaning. I listen to our men and women in uniform, their cries are still the same.

“In government, many shares with me their agonies that should call for sensitivity on the part of the leadership.”

ZANU-PF insists Chamisa must join the ongoing dialogue process involving nearly twenty other political leaders who lost last year’s elections.

Further, ZANU-PF also says the ongoing dialogue process is not a power-sharing arrangement, but rather a platform for political leaders to share ideas on how to take Zimbabwe forward.

— DailyNews

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