LATEST: Mbare youths attack President Emmerson Mnangagwa


Nine months after President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s election, youths in Mbare say they have given up on expecting him to fulfil his election campaign promises as they feel he is a self-centred ruler.

In the run-up to the July 30 elections, the President repeatedly lied that Zimbabwe had attracted investment commitments amounting to over $16 billion since he took over power and this would open up industries which would bring jobs to the unemployed youths.

However, it seems as if most young people have become increasingly frustrated with Mnangagwa whom they believe has turned his back on the same people he claims propelled him to his throne.

A visit to Mbare suburb, one of the oldest residential areas in Zimbabwe revealed how the youths are at a boiling point and no longer believe what the President says

“I’m 26 and unemployed, my source of income is basket weaving but I hold a degree in business administration. I had hoped that ED would be our saviour from this economic situation but it turns out he is a chicken that eats its own chicks because he is making us suffer,” said one Eliah Pfundirwa.

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Ironically, Mnangagwa, who was in the suburb on Monday where he was inspecting progress on the Matapi flats which are undergoing refurbishment, ignored a rally where he was set to address the residents, some of whom said they wanted to use the gathering to air their grievances.

“We saw his motorcade and he made way to Matapi flats. We were told (by the Zanu-PF leadership in the area) that the President would address us. 20 minutes later, he passed by the venue of the rally ignoring everyone who had gathered.

“So how does he call himself a listening president when he can’t just spare a few minutes for us. He is a very selfish ruler,” said Anna Manjengwa, a vegetables vendor in Matapi.

In the Zanu-PF Campaign manifesto, the party promised more jobs for the betterment of the people.

“Going forward the party’s Zimbabwe is open for business strategy, complemented by improved ease and cost of doing business reforms as well as commitment to unity, fighting corruption, re-engagement, development and job creation, will transform the livelihoods of the people,” said part of the manifesto.

This has however, not gone according to plan as more companies have closed owing to unsustainable operating environment which has been accelerated by an acute shortage of foreign currency.

Gerry Mubochwa, a carpenter in the area, believes Mnangagwa lacks the will power to work out solutions to the country’s problems.

“He is always traveling and ignoring our concerns, he doesn’t think about how to get this country moving forward. Some of us regret ever voting for him,” Mubochwa poured his heart out.

Mnangagwa has already been faced with a lot of resentment from the citizens and he has retaliated using maximum force, as people continue to call for economic recovery.

In January, 17 people died after the army moved in to quell protests over fuel price increases.

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