‘Be prepared to protect our movement’: MDC’s Cde Bvondo Chidziva urges youths across Zimbabwe


*Leadership and legitimacy comes from the people, not the courts.*

It has emerged to us that the regime is once again deeping it’s ugly nose on the judiciary. In the process capturing the same to issue political judgements. It’s a fight, a fight we in the youth assembly a prepared to execute.

We will not watch powerlessly while the executive visibly interferes with the affairs of the judiciary in a bid to punish, persecute and harrass perceived opponents.

It must be known here and now that the MDC is a voluntary organisation whose members have a constitutionally guaranteed right to belong to.

The leadership we chose is our choice and never the decision of these kangaroo courts!

Thus said, yersterday’s high court judgement which purports to have dethroned our President Adv Nelson Chamisa should not be taken seriously as it is laughable.

President Chamisa is not just the legitimate president of MDC but the president of the Republic of Zimbabwe whose victory was stolen through violence, terror and cohesion by man military fatigue.

We will not watch powerlessly while they play see-saw with the people’s project.

I want to warn Zanu PF to stop it’s interference in judicial processes. Instead they should confront the ever worsening economic crisis showing its ugly face through fuel shortages, lack of foreign currency, price increases, shortages among others. Those amongst us who don’t want President Nelson Chamisa’s Leadership are free to go and form their own party or rather join Zanu PF.

As the national youth commander, I urge the youth across the country to be vigilant and prepare to protect our assets and our movement. They will rather destroy us first before they can destroy our movement.

Aluta continua!!!!

Happymore Chidziva
Leader Cde Bvondo
National youth commander
M.P Highfield West

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