Chamisa declared legitimate MDC President: He’s the most popular, trusted & loved leader in Zimbabwe


The MDC Youth Assembly Statement

The MDC Youth Assembly hereby re-affirm that the legitimate President of the MDC is President Nelson Chamisa. The choice of President Chamisa is the best choice that was done by the MDC.

President Chamisa is our constitutionally and legitimately chosen leader as per our Party’s Constitution.

The MDC Youth Assembly is happy with preparations for Congress so far and nothing will stop the People’s Movement from proceeding with its legitimate processes.

The Youth Assembly is impressed by the performance and discharge of duty by President Chamisa, including but not limited to the successful integration of Alliance Partners and maintaining stability and massive growth of the party resulting in winning 2.6 million votes in the elections.

President Chamisa is the most popular political figure in the country and the court of public opinion points to him as the most trusted and loved political leader in Zimbabwe.

We note that it is Mnangagwa’s strategy to shed-off his illegitimacy stigma by casting aspersions on our legitimate leader, President Chamisa.

Mnangagwa is trying to run away from his 2018 defeat and is restless and has made many attempts against the People’s President, which are notably:

1) Attempted to increase Presidential age limit to 53 just to exclude President Chamisa and failed

2) Recognized Khupe as the main opposition leader for dialogue at the exclusion of President Chamisa and the process has failed

3) Attempted to sponsor candidates to challenge President Chamisa at congress and failed

4) Attempted to tarnish and blackmail President Chamisa through the State Media and failed

5) Now trying to impose a process for the MDC, and it will fail.

President Chamisa is the Party and National President and not a court President. We will not allow anyone to choose a leader for us.

President Chamisa is the People’s President, the People’s Choice.

MDC 5th Congress: Defining a New Course in Zimbabwe!

Brian Dube
National Youth Spokesperson

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