Sad Story: Wife takes groceries to boyfriend’s house, husband follows her and gets bashed to death


A Chivhu woman who was cohabitating with a boyfriend has disappeared after her boyfriend allegedly hit and killed the hubby with an iron bar.

Sources told this publication that Sundirai Simango of Charuma Location in Chivhu killed Robert Sibanda during a vicious fight at the accused’s house in Highview Location in Chivhu.

Simango is understood to be in Police custody at Chivhu prison.

Mash East Police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Misheck Denhere said members of the public should desist from committing such heinous crimes.

“We are appealing to the people to respect the rule of law,” he said.

Sources said that Sibanda was killed after he followed his wife to the boyfriend’s place at Highview Location. He was provoked by the wife who after their shopping of $200 worth of grocery packed and took everything to Simango’s house.

According to the information gathered by The Mirror, Svodai Majengwa had for sometime left her husband and was cohabitating with Simango. Majengwa allegedly told people that she became promiscuous because her husband infected her with HIV.

However, many people are of the view that if that is true, it should be the wife who infected the husband.

On the fateful day, Simango and Majengwa had a misunderstanding and she packed her bags and went back to her husband.

Happy to see his wife back, Sibanda went for shopping and they brought back home groceries worth $200. However, the two had a quarrel afterwards and Majengwa took all the groceries and went to Simango’s place.

Sibanda followed her to Simango’s place where he allegedly forced his way through the window and started fighting Simango. The accused picked an iron bar and hit Sibanda on the head and he died on the spot.

When Simango realised that he had killed Sibanda, he rushed off to a Police officer’s place who lives close by and reported the matter.

Chipfurutse went to the scene and then called local Police to come and attend the incident.

Simango was arrested and the wife fled the scene and has not been seen since then.

— Mirror

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