Remove those faeces! Policeman attacks Zanu PF activists for wearing party regalia, shouts MDC slogan


A Police officer based at Murambinda Growth Point has been dragged to court after he spit at Zanu PF regalia worn by a party activist before he proceeded into a bottle store where he allegedly chanted MDC slogans.

It is the State case that Constable Shushai Chiringa (36) who was in full Police uniform saw Munoda Katiza (27) of Gava Village under Chief Makumbe wearing a cap and a shirt with President Mnangagwa’s images.

Chiringa allegedly got hold of Katiza’s t-shirt and shouted obscenities including accusing him of wearing the face of man who was causing problems for the country. He then told him to remove the ‘rubbish’ before spitting on the ground.

He appeared before Magistrate Dennis Mangosi and is being charged with meddling in politics whilst he is a member of the force and also undermining the authority of or insulting the President.

The case which happened in February this year has however, dragged on for too long because of excuses from both the State and the accused. Magistrate Mangosi ordered that he would not take any more excuses and the case will start on May 29, 2019 without fail.

It is the State case that on February 9, 2019 at 9pm, Chiringa was wearing Police uniform when he arrived at Matombo Bottle Store operated by Takunda Chipenzi at Buhera Business Centre.

He confronted Katiza who is a Ward 5 Zanu PF card carrying member who was outside the bottle store and was wearing a yellow t-shirt and a green cap with images of President Mnangagwa.

Chiringa got hold of Katiza’s t-shirt and shouted in Shona saying “Muchiri kupfeka hembe dzemunhu uyu arikutitambudza, bvisa madhodhi ayo mashaya hembe dzekupfeka here? (Why are you still putting on clothes from this man who is troubling us? Remove that ……, don’t you have something else to put on?),” before spitting on the ground.

The State says that Chiringa was moderately drunk.

He then entered the bottle store where he confronted Panganai Chifamba (32) of Gava Village who was also wearing a Zanu PF t-shirt and a cap and made same utterances he had uttered to Katiza. Chiringa then sat on the bottle store counter chanting MDC Alliance slogan, ‘Chisa mbama chisa’ raising his open palm waving it and those who were in the bottle store responded repeatedly for about 20 minutes.

The situation calmed down after the owner of the bottle store intervened by switching off the radio and threatened to close the bottle since there was chaos and disorder.

The case was postponed because Chiringa’s lawyer had left him and he needed to get another lawyer. It also emerged in court that Chiringa has other pending cases.

— Mirror

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