LATEST: PHD Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya HAILED!


Tinashe Mutseyekwa, 20, was on Tilder Live on Star FM on Tuesday to speak about the healing he allegedly got from Prophet Walter Magaya.

“To me it was like a dream when I received my healing on Sunday after Prophet Magaya bumped on me during the healing session,” said the ex-prisoner on radio.

Tinashe Mutseyekwa

Tinashe was responding to a question on how he felt when he received his healing at PHD.

He was accompanied by his cousin Nelia Suula and his grandmother Sarah Mutseyekwa, 75.

“My fellow inmates witnessed what I went through in prison as I failed to walk or stand upright,” said Tinashe.

“My heart started to beat when I saw Prophet Magaya before he got close to me.

“Prophet Magaya pavakangondidhuma ndakanzwa zvimwe zvinhu mumuviri wangu ndikabvunda ndikawana simba musana wangu ukaswatanuka ndikamhanya ndakaita sendirikurota.

“I want to thank my relatives who took me to Prophet Magaya, I had lost hope, I was in pain and unable to walk although I had been released from prison.

“I have been in a painful situation burdening my grandmother and many more people who gave me support during that period,” said Tinashe.

He told the nation that medical doctors examined his chest and failed to scan his back due to his condition leaving him hopeless.

In an interview with H-Metro soon after the Live show Tinashe described prison as a hell on earth urging would be offenders to stay away from committing offences.

“Prison is not a good place for people and I urge all my relatives to stay away from committing crimes,” said Tinashe.

“Ndakaona vamwe vakachemberera mujeri, vanochema zuva nezuva hama hadzichada kuuya kuzovaona ini ndaishanyirwa nevanhu vakaona kutambura kwangu paFacebook yaTilder.

“We have many inmates suffering and their stories are not published.

“Prison is like hell on earth and because of this I am prepared to testify to many people including in churches about the negative effects of committing crime,” said Tinashe.

His grandmother, Gogo Mutseyekwa, an ardent follower of Anglican Church narrated on radio during the live show how Tinashe had been committing crimes of stealing people’s mobile phones and other various offences.

“I am Tinashe’s guardian since he was two years old when his father separated with his mother,” said Gogo Mutseyekwa.

“I want to thank Prophet Magaya. God’s miracles are still existing. I have witnessed the power of God on Tinashe.

“Tinashe akanga ari munhu airarama nekubira vanhu kunyanya maphone zvakazoita kuti asungwe nemapurisa.

“He suffered in prison and upon his release he was unable to walk that he spent days sleeping but today I thank Prophet Magaya much although many had said negative things about him.

“It is my wish to see Tinashe repenting forever and I would like him to continue attending Prophet Magaya’s services,” said Gogo Mutseyekwa.

During the Live show was also one of the good Samaritans for Tinashe, Lillian Chisunga, who took Tinashe to a medical doctor for treatment after learning about his condition on social media.

“Our efforts with my friends to help Tinashe by taking him for medical treatment failed several times,” said Lillian.

“We had a WhatsApp group and we agreed to collect money to take Tinashe to a medical doctor after learning about his condition on social media but all was in vain.

“At first our phones developed mysterious faults all of us but we never got tired until we managed to meet and took him to a doctor for scanning.

“Scanning of his back failed due to his condition that he was unable to stand up straight and we were taken aback when we heard of his healing at PHD ministries.

“I communicated with my friends and some of them that include one Tino rushed to Glen Norah to see if it was true.

“We have been doubting Prophet Magaya but now I believe that God uses him.

“I will continue to support Gogo Mutseyekwa and Tinashe and we have been visiting him in prison after we learnt of his condition,” said Lillian.

— HMetro

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