Chaos as mask-wearing robbers pounce on service station while supervisor counts company cash


A FORMER employee at a Bulawayo service station allegedly teamed up with a friend to rob the station.

Macdonald Brewer (24) and Desire Moyo (25) appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mr Franklin Mkhwananzi who remanded them out of custody on $50 bail each to June 10 for commencement of trial.

The court heard that Brewer is a former worker at the service station.

Mr Sydney Singende (27), a supervisor at the garage represented Flo Service Station.

Allegations are that on May 13 at around 10.20AM Brewer and Moyo, covering their faces with woollen hats, pounced at the station when Singende was counting the company cash.

Mr Mufaro Mageza, for the State said Brewer pepper-sprayed Mr Singende and used a heavy duty stun gun on the complainant with intention of stealing cash.

“Mr Singende wrestled with the duo and eventually managed to get hold of the pepper spray which he forced Brewer to spray into the air until it got finished.

“During the scuffle Brewer’s hat fell on the ground and Mr Singende managed to identify him as he was his former workmate.

“Moyo entered the office with an electric taser, joined the scuffle and tried to shock Mr Singende. The duo used the stun gun to hit Mr Singende several times on his head.

“The complainant screamed for help, wrestled both accused persons resulting in their masks falling off.

“Mr Singende managed to grab the stun gun from Moyo and hit him on the head once and continued screaming for help,” said Mr Mageza.

The court heard that another employee at the garage heard noise coming from the office and rushed there.

He locked the office from outside following suspicions that something wrong was going on.

He went on to report to the police who came to the crime scene and arrested the accused persons.

— Chronicle

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