US dollar/RTGS dollar official and black market rates today (22/05/19)…RTGS$ tumbles


Following the announcement by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) that fuel suppliers will no longer be getting foreign currency at the favourable rate of 1:1, and the announcement of an increase in the price of fuel, the exchange rates for foreign currency both on the black market and on the official interbank rate are on an upward trend.

Government officials and some experts say that they expect the two rates to converge soon following the removal of the 1:1 rate for fuel suppliers.

Below are the black market rates we have aggregated from a number of sources.       AVERAGE
100 USD               670 RTGS$               610 RTGS$                590 RTGS$        623.33
100 USD               540 Bond                  592 Bond                  550 RTGS$        560.67
100 Bond              130 RTGS$               118 RTGS$                115 RTGS$        121.00
100 USD               1442 ZAR                 1437 ZAR                   1438 ZAR          1439.00
Last Updated       May 22                    May 22                      May 21

Below are the official interbank foreign currency market rates from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe,

EXCHANGE RATES – 22-05-2019
CURRENCY                               BID                 ASK               AVG
USD/RTGS$                             4.4362            4.6632         4.5497
GBP/RTGS$                             5.7813             5.7817         5.7815
EUR/RTGS$                             5.0747             5.0751          5.0749
RTGS$/ZAR                             3.1690             3.1710          3.1700
BWP/RTGS$                            0.4203             0.4240          0.4222

— iHarare

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