Drama as woman runs away from home after husband with huge manhood demanded sex whole night


WHILE other women are complaining that their husbands are not satisfying them in bed, a Bulawayo woman is grumbling that she’s having sleepless nights because of her husband with long manhood who has turned into a poking monster by allegedly demanding sex the whole night.

Grace Tembo from Pumula South suburb said her husband Tendai Kasambira loves sex too much. And to make matters worse, he would attack her when she refused his demand for sex.

A seemingly exhausted Tembo begged a Bulawayo magistrate Rachael Mukanga to grant her a protection order against her husband based on the fact that he was physically and sexually abusing her.

The mother of two told the court that her husband harassed her for sex non-stop since they got married in 2008.

“Tendai Kasambira and I have been customarily married since 2008. He is abusive. He is a very violent man and he beat me up with fists and a belt.

“After beating me up, he forced me to have sexual intercourse with him the whole night when I will be in pain because of his severe beatings. The demands started when my first pregnancy was one month old and that child is now nine years old. My life and that of my children he is refusing with are in danger. He is also threatening people that I work with,” complained Tembo.

She said her husband has made her life intolerable with his “cruel behaviour” and his insatiable desire for sex made it impossible for them to live together under one roof.

“I ended up leaving the matrimonial house and I do not want him to come where I am staying now to harass me,” she said, adding that she was “too young” to live a miserable life.

She insisted that when she tried to resist his advances, he would abuse her so she would always end up succumbing to his persistent demands.

Her husband, however, accused her of cheating saying she deserted their matrimonial home so that she could look for action outside without being bothered.

“The problem is that she used to come home late especially at around 11pm claiming she would be at work. She is a cheat. I caught her three times with a boyfriend. It is not true that I refuse her to take the children but I just told her it was not possible since she is staying with a boyfriend. She boasted that she had a boyfriend because my relatives didn’t like her.

“It is also not true that I forced her to have sexual intercourse, we engage in it with her consent and after every encounter she would ask me if I’m satisfied. She is always bragging about her boyfriend saying he was better than me,” said Kasambira.

For the purpose of maintaining peace between the two estranged parties the magistrate ordered Kasambira not to verbally, emotionally and physically abuse Tembo.

Kasambira was also ordered not to visit Tembo where she is now staying and to allow her to collect her property she left at their matrimonial home.

— BMetro

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