Henrietta and Zanu PF MP broken virginity case: Henrietta vows to release bedroom video as evidence


A woman who is suing the legislator for Mberengwa North, Tafanana Zhou (Zanu-PF), has threatened to go a notch higher and unleash a nude video of the politician.

Henrietta Tafadzwa Chauke (35), a student nurse in Harare, is angry that Zhou claimed he does not know her at all, and wants to expose him through his nudes, WhatsApp chats as well as records of EcoCash transactions for funds he used to send her.

Zanu PF Mberengwa North MP Tafanana Zhou

Chauke, through her lawyers Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers, filed summons at the Bulawayo High Court earlier this month citing Mp Tafanana Zhou as a defendant

Zhou’s lawyer, Tawanda Tavengwa of Mutoso, Taruvinga, and Mhiribidi Legal Practitioners, filed an application for dismissal of action citing Chauke has responded.

Mp Zhou has also added that the respondent should bring forth evidence that the two had sexual intercourse with her.

Henrietta Tafadzwa Chauke

The H-Metro reports that Chauke has responded by promising to expose the MP with her evidence consisting of a video in nude, WhatsApp chats as well as Ecocash transactions between her and the legislator who is now disowning her.

“(Chauke) will easiy prove that there was s_exual intercourse between her and (Zhou). That is why Chauke brought her application through an action.”

“After having s_exual inte_rcourse with Chauke several times and having promised to marry her, (Zhou) contumaciously repudiated his promise to marry,”Chauke responded to Zhou’s application.

“What is it that was done in the dark if it’s not sexual intercourse?

“Also attached as Annexure B are Ecocash statements, where (Zhou used too send money (Chauke) to facilitate the travelling by (Chauke) to the meeting place.

Chauke claims that it did not make sense for Zhou to claim that he does not know her the former as a reason for not having s_exual inte_rcourse with her.

“It is not true that (Chauke) is not known to (Zhou). (Zhou) is misleading this court into believing that the attached WhatsApp messages were done in the context of making a love proposal by the respondent to the applicant,” Chauke’s lawyers wrote.

She is demanding $30 000 from the politician for contumelia arising from the alleged breach of promise to marry her. Ms Chauke said she fell for the legislator in February last year after he had promised to marry her.

Zhou is however, challenging the summons and wants the application to be dismissed, claiming the woman is a serial litigant who is abusing court processes to humiliate him.

In papers before the court, the politician said she did not know Ms Chauke and the allegations were trumped up charges.

Zhou through his lawyer Mr Tawanda Tavengwa of Mutuso, Taruvinga and Mhiribidi Legal Practitioners, filed an application for dismissal of action at the Bulawayo High Court, citing Ms Chauke as a respondent.

“The respondent is not personally known to me and I have never met her and what I know is that I received WhatsApp messages from a person who alleged to be the respondent making sexual advances towards me. The person went as far as introducing herself to me by sending me her pictures and I did not respond,” he said.

“I submit that the respondent cannot prove at all that she is known to me and that I had sexual intercourse with her.”

In papers before the court, Zhou also attached WhatsApp messages where Ms Chauke was allegedly pestering him for sex.

He further said the respondent raised similar allegations against one Mr Simon Magidivana in 2014 demanding US$10 000 for contumelia.

“Most importantly, she alleges at the time she had sexual intercourse with me she was a virgin and this cannot be true. I am advised by my legal practitioner that on November 12, 2014 at Zvishavane magistrate court and under case number 999/14, the respondent instituted a claim of seduction against one Simon Magidivana of Zvishavane.

“In her particulars of claim, the respondent alleged that she fell in love with Magidivana between August and October in 2014 during which she was a virgin and they had sex,” he said.

Zhou said Ms Chauke was abusing court processes, arguing that the woman carries no genuine intention of seeking seduction damages.

“It is my averment that the claim has no prospects of success. It is frivolous and vexatious in nature and is designed to tarnish my good name and social standing.

“I am a Member of Parliament and I am inclined to believe that it is my opponents who have hatched a plan to bring my name into disrepute. I aver that there are no issues in this matter as it is clear that as per respondent’s allegations she lost her virginity sometime in 2014.

“The claim by the respondent is not made with a bona fide intention of seeking justice. Wherefore, I pray for an order dismissing with costs the summons filed under HC980/19,” said Zhou.

Ms Chauke, in her summons, said she fell in love with the MP in February 2018 and three months later he orally made a promise to marry her.

She said she had sexual intercourse with Zhou which was premised on prospects for an imminent marriage. At the time of the sexual intercourse with Zhou, Ms Chauke said she was a virgin.

The woman said Zhou terminated their relationship in February this year for no apparent reason, consequently violating his promise to marry her.

She wants to be compensated for damages emanating from her alleged former boyfriend’s actions.

— ZOOMZimbabwe

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