Mai Titi hits out at Madam Boss as cold war hots up: She’s a school drop-out, she faked the attack


Outspoken comedienne Mai Titi says her social media war with Madam Boss is now a game of “elimination”.

Mai Titi says she would only stop it once she wins it.

She made the declaration in the wake of the new ‘cold war’ with her rival who narrowly escaped an early night attack on Monday at her house in Sunridge.

“It’s now longer about social media wars but a game of elimination,” said Mai Titi in an interview with H-Metro.

Mai Titi laughed at claims that that she could be the one who masterminded the foiled attack on Monday night.

“One thing you should know is that Tyra Chikocho is a liar and she is actually the one stalking me using ghost accounts on social media.

“Tyra wants to appear as a good person when in actual fact she is the one pestering me on social media.

“For instance, she is now faking an attack to get people’s sympathy,” she said.

Asked why she visited Madam Boss’ residence early Monday before the attempted attack later in the evening, Mai Titi said:

“We stay in the same neighbourhood and I decided to visit her so that we could talk face to face as women and not comedians.

“I had actually sent her a message that I was coming but when I arrived, they told me she had gone to china and I left.

“As for the attack, she faked it and I know that for sure; if I wanted to fight her, I could have done it in person.”

Mai Titi said her followers were also fearing for her life as a result of Madam Boss’ alleged stunts.

“I have been receiving calls as early as 3am with fans asking for my security.

“Some were willing to fight in my corner while others were ready to buy me an air ticket to fly out of Zimbabwe if there was a life-threatening problem.”

Mai Titi urged Madam Boss to be humble and lead a life that she deserves.

“As you know, Madam Boss is a school drop-out and both of us are renting.

“We can’t say we (Madam Boss and Mai Titi) have made it in life but we are simply managing to pay our bills to survive.

“Tyra is a liar and she must learn to be humble and stop stalking me with ghost sounds.

“Tyra ndiye anondidenha ndakanyarara zvangu but when I respond, its fireworks,” she added.

— HMetro

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