SO SAD! Child burnt to death after house caught fire when power was restored around midnight


Child burnt to death in bizarre fire

The recently renovated number 313 section 2 in Kambuzuma house was completely destroyed in what is believed to be an electrical fault when power was restored around 11pm.

The fire broke out at around 1am and neighbours said they were woken up by screams of the minor child as she was tried and failed to find a way out while others were woken up by explosions.

The fire brigade arrived close to thirty minutes when the fire had already destroyed the house but they managed to rescue another minor child that had been trapped in the fire for thirty minutes in the raging fire.

The child sustained severe injuries on her legs and was attended to by medical officials.

The children belong to one of the tenants and had been left in the company of the maid as their mother had travelled to Zambia on business.

It is suspected that the fire broke out when power was restored as they had left the stove on causing it to burst.

One of the neighbours who spoke on anonymity said the power regulator should restore power in time so that people may check on all appliances before going to bed.

“Zesa is letting us down by restoring power late in the night, it’s better that they do their load shedding during the day and bring back power at night to allow people to switch off their gadgets vasati varara,” he said.

The visibly distraught pensioner Kamando couldn’t comment as he watched his house and car being burnt.

— HMetro

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