Men queue to have sex with a talented blind prostitute


A blind prostitute has become a hit with men who seek the services of ladies of the night in the red light zone at Ngundu Business Centre in Masvingo Province along the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway. Some are even ‘queueing’ and waiting for their turns to come so they can also play the ‘pumping’ game with the ‘talented’ lady of the night.

The prostitute, who “works” with her sister and sometimes offers “threesomes” to clients, said she was born blind and decided to venture into the world’s oldest profession after her boyfriend impregnated her and left her to look after their now two-year-old baby alone.

In an interview, the blind prostitute, who was with her partner in crime (her sister), said blindness was a blessing in disguise as she did not see the men she slept with.

“We (prostitutes) don’t enjoy the sex, but we have no choice because we want to make money. This is the only way to survive. Some of the men we sleep with are undesirable, some unwashed and smelly but money is money. I am always joking with my sister that she is unlucky because she sees the men she sleeps with. Some of them are obviously ugly,” she said.

The blind prostitute, who refused to be named, said her sister handles the money and negotiates with clients on her behalf. She also revealed that her sister was the one who “lured” her into prostitution.

She said: “I don’t handle money because the clients might trick me so I make sure that they give my sister the money before I sleep with them. I don’t sleep with them if they have not paid first.

Sometimes the clients decide to sleep with me and my sister at the same time and this makes me feel a lot safer because some clients have in the past tried to sleep with me without condoms.” The blind prostitute, who comes from Triangle, said she could tell the difference between a man who is wearing a condom and one who wants to sleep with her without protection.

“Before engaging in sex, I insist on checking using my hands if the man is wearing protection, if they are not I immediately tell them to put on protection. If they refuse I don’t sleep with them. I call my sister who will be standing just outside. If the man is troublesome my sister calls other girls and together we put the man in his place. But I must admit that it’s a dangerous job and more dangerous for me because I am blind. But what else can I do to make money? Who will marry me? Who will give me a job? Who will take care of my child?” she asked rhetorically.

The blind prostitute let slip that she had had unprotected sex with some clients she liked but was quick to say she always got tested for HIV every three months.

“I am HIV negative and I pray that I stay negative. I am against unprotected sex but sometimes it just happens. There are some regular customers and sometimes I let down my guard when I am with them. I know it’s risky but other girls and my sister tell me that it happens to all of us,” she said.

The sister, who demanded to be paid to grant Sunday News an interview, said her blind sister was just trying to make a living like everyone else.

“Life is hard and you have to make sacrifices to survive. I used to take care of my sister and her own child but I was struggling because I have two children of my own. So one day I had the courage to tell her how I make money and she told me that she always knew because at times I brought clients home. From there one thing led to another and now we are working together,” the sister, who also requested not to be named, said.

The sister, who also revealed that at times clients hire them for a threesome, said that on a good night her blind sister made about $100.

“Some men sleep with her because they are curious, they want to know what it feels like to sleep with a blind prostitute. Some do it because she is beautiful and sexy despite being blind. But most of the people who hire her do it because they just want that experience that they once slept with a blind prostitute,” she said.

A truck driver, who was trying his luck on the two claimed he had been referred to the pair by fellow truck drivers, who said he would be assured of a nice time.

“I was told that these two know their stuff, when I came in I saw you talking to them that’s why I took a back seat but since you are not interested I am going after them,” said the truck driver who identified himself as Talent.

Because of its location, Ngundu Business Centre has become one of the most popular places with the ladies of the night.

Located along the Beitbridge-Masvingo highway, the place is the first major stop for transport from Beitbridge Border Post heading north from Zimbabwe to Democratic Republic of Congo. It is also located on a T-junction where major roads from Beitbridge, Masvingo and Chiredzi intersect.

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