Man who made headlines after he bragged about eating stray cats, baboons and monkeys now in trouble


THE Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is looking for the Sakubva man who has raised eye brows after a story in which he bragged about eating stray cats was published recently by The Weekender.

Frank Tapfuma of 129 Chisamba Singles, Sakubva high density suburb told The Weekender he ate animals like baboons, monkeys, squirrels and cats, among others.

Alarmed by the story, SPCA inspector Mr William Newengo said they were planning to visit Tapfuma soon to find out how he killed stray cats.

“We want to visit him soon and see how he kills these cats. There is a degree of cruelty we can charge him with. We also want to see if there are more animal-related offences that he is committing,” he said.

“According to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act Chapter 19:09 section 3.1(d) animals are supposed to be treated humanely. If one kills animals in the wild they should have a licence or permit from the authorities in their area. Killing an animal should be done humanely not in brutal ways,” said Mr Newengo.

He emphasised on the law indicating that cruelty to animals is prohibited.

“The Act applies to all kinds of animals, that is any person whose trade or business it is to kill any horse, mule, ass, bovine, sheep, goat or pig, the meat of which is primarily intended for animals, to comply with regulations which are applicable to him should not cause any unnecessary suffering to any animal,” he said.

Killing animals through biting or using unsuitable tools that are not recommended to kill an animal was not permissible. The time taken before death of an animal should be quick without causing any pain to the animal.

“Animals are not supposed to feel pain when killing them,” said Mr Newengo.

— ManicaPost

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