NOTORIOUS Bulawayo goblins have reportedly invaded Cowdray Park suburb and 'banned' residents from walking at night stoning all those who fail to live by their rule.

The goblins stone anyone they see walking on the roads after 8pm.

Councillor Collet Ndlovu revealed that the goblins have become a menace in the suburb and as leaders they are still planning on how best to solve the problem.

"We are worried by these strange happenings where people are being hit by stones, but fail to see the people throwing at them.

"Some residents have even lost property as these alleged goblins throw stones, breaking windows," he said.

Councillor Ndlovu revealed that they are organising a cleansing ceremony to be held during the weekend.

Residents expressed fear.

"A cleansing ceremony should be held immediately before these goblins start killing people. We have heard of cases whereby goblins trouble residents and the next thing they will be in need of is blood," said Esther Sibanda.

One resident who was once attacked by the weird creatures spoke.

"I was walking home from work when a stone hit me on the back. I then stopped to check on what was happening and only saw these stones were being thrown from different directions," he said.

He said he ran for his dear life as he was baffled by the incident.

Residents later discovered that their suburb had been invaded by the goblins which only targeted those who walked on the streets at night.

The matter was reported to the councillor and residents suggested that there be a cleansing ceremony in the suburb.

It is not the first time goblins trouble residents as Iminyela and Nkulumane residents once had sleepless nights because of these creatures.

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