Drama as ‘pressed’ woman urinates in court during trial


A Mucheke woman charged for assaulting a neighbour who demanded a debt from her suffered a mild breakdown at the Masvingo Magistrates Court on Monday; muscles loosened and she peed while standing in the dock.

Charity Zulu (27) lost control of her bowels under intense cross examination from prosecutor Stanley Mapope.

Suddenly Zulu pleaded with Magistrate Godswill Mavenge to go to the toilet but as the Magistrate tried to hear what she was saying, the accused spoke in a hushed voice and said “aaa ndatoita ini (I am sorry am already done”.

Urine ran down the floor and her dress was wet.

Magistrate Mavenge adjourned the court and told attendants to give Zulu a bucket and detergents to clean up the mess. He said he did not like the smell of the urine.

Mavenge also warned Zulu to go to the toilet in time in order to avoid such inconveniences. Zulu mopped up the floor before the court resumed.

Zulu was found guilty of assault and sentenced to 30 days imprisonment or pay RTGS$100 fine.

It is the State case that Zulu on May 10, 2019 struck Gundiro with a stone and she fell down. She also bit the accused leaving her with a swollen hand.

The two had a misunderstanding after Zulu failed to pay back RTGS$57 for clothes she took on credit. She even told her creditor that she will give her back her clothes.

When Gundiro went to Zulu’s place she threw the clothes outside. Gundiro claimed that there were some missing clothes and that is when Zulu struck the complainant with a stone.

— Mirror

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