High drama as man of God jumps gate after being locked outside church premises by angry congregants


…Climbs over security wall

…Priest’s chair taken outside

…Uses vulgar language

A Chitungwiza Roman Catholic priest was on Sunday locked outside the church’s premises by the angry congregants accusing him of poor administration.

Father Maxmillian Karombo of St Theresa Parish in Chitungwiza is at loggerheads with his congregants over a host of maladministration issues.

Father Maxmillian Karombo climbing the gate

On the day in question Fr Karombo had to go over the gate so that he conducts a mass service inside the building.

The parishioners are accusing the man of cloth for his misconduct and violation of church’s principles.

Fr Karombo took aim at some individuals accusing them of having agendas against him.

“I had to climb over the gate in order to lead the Mass to fulfill my obligation of celebrating Sunday Mass as a Priest.

“I was locked out by certain individuals.

“Failure to attend Mass would have landed me in trouble with my superiors.

“The time I got inside to celebrate Mass, the rest of church members were in jubilation and I was unharmed. Everything went on well,” he said.

He said St Theresa parishioners had a tendency of uprising against an assigned priest especially the period when the Bishop makes changes.

Organising Secretary for Youths Naboth Patsanza said the parishioners were unhappy that priest was not visiting the sick as prescribed in his duties.

“The parishioners are angry that the Fr Karombo is not visiting sick people and giving them sacraments without genuine reasons,” he said.

“On Sunday, Fr Karombo’s chair was taken outside by the members who were angry of his conduct.

“The main gate was locked by members before Fr Karombo came in for a mass service.

“The priest had to climb over the gate.

He added:

“We tried to engage the Bishop when he came but to no avail and the priest selects his own executive without proper elections.

“These issues with Fr Karombo date way back; we need a solution for the parish to run smoothly.”

Former Chitungwiza church member, Makesure Gundu sympathised with Fr Karombo.

“St Theresa parishioners have a long record of bullying priests and Fr Karombo has fallen victim of unholy individuals bent on personal vendettas,” he said.

Another member who refused to be named sympathised with the priest stating that St Theresa Chitungwiza is well known for fighting priests.

“St Theresa Chitungwiza has a bad history of fighting priests.

“At one time Sekuru Chakaipa had to become parish priest to contain them.”

— HMetro

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