Shocking! Man (37) rapes woman (45) until she faints, prays for her and rapes her again

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A MAN from Bulawayo raped a 45-year-old woman until she fainted, prayed for her and raped her again when she regained consciousness.

Haston Phiri (37) of no fixed abode was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping the woman, whom he had promised a job.

The court heard how Phiri fervently pleaded with God to let the woman live when she stopped breathing while he was raping her.

When she regained strength, he raped her again.

Phiri pleaded not guilty to rape before Bulawayo Regional magistrate, Mr Joseph Mabeza, but was found guilty due to overwhelming evidence.

He was sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Prosecuting, Ms Caroline Matanga said on February 15 this year, the complainant, who had been told Phiri would help her get a job as a domestic worker at his relative’s home, was called by her neighbour at Nketa 9 suburb.

“The complainant wrote down her details and left them with her neighbour who is a vendor near where the complainant resides.

“On February 18 at around 2PM, Phiri called the complainant and asked to meet her so that he could take her to the employer,” said Ms Matanga.

She said the complainant did not meet him because she had not informed her husband that she would be going out.

“On the following day, they met and Phiri told her that a house maid was needed in Mzilikazi where his sister stays so they walked to Mzilikazi.

“On reaching Mzilikazi, Phiri told the complainant that his sister had called and asked to meet them in Sizinda suburb. They walked to Sizinda but when they reached a bushy area the complainant asked Phiri where they were going as she started feeling uncomfortable.

“Phiri grabbed the complainant, produced a knife and threatened to stab her if she made any noise. The complainant was force-marched to a maize field and ordered to undress but she refused. Phiri pushed her down, strangled her while placing the knife on her chest, and undressed her.

“He raped the complainant without protection,” said Ms Matanga.

She said during the second round, the complainant became unconscious and when she regained consciousness she saw Phiri fanning her and asking God not to let her die in his hands.

“When Phiri saw that she had regained consciousness, he raped her again and took her two phones and left her.”

The complainant reported the matter to the police leading to Phiri’s arrest.

— Chronicle

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